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How Can Cancer and Diseases Be Prevented?

Updated on July 20, 2008

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death of millions of people. It strikes like lightning that when you are hit by it, it's hard to escape from it and most of the cases become terminal. Cancer though if detected early can be treated. Innovations in medicine has led to the discovery of the treatment of certain types of cancer.

Some cancers can also be prevented. There are a few of these diseases that are due to unhealthy eating habits when we were younger. As the saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure", it is still best to avoid the contributing factors than to try to treat it later. What are these factors? There are many in the community. We always encounter them daily but we just don't know what they are. Others may know but take it for granted. Take for example, the foods we eat. A lot of people love eating pork and chicken barbeque. Whenever we have family gatherings, we love to have barbeque party. Not so many of us know though that barbequed foods are carcinogenic. The charcoal used contain some chemicals that are harmful to our body, also the burned small portions that we also love to eat may irritate our colon and for prolonged intake may cause colon cancer and other kinds of cancer in the stomach.

Normal lung of a person

Lung of a smoker

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If possible, avoid eating grilled foods. If not, lessen the frequency of eating these kind of preparation as these foods become carcinogenic. Give your digestive system a time to rest and heal. Dried and processed foods are not good for our health if eaten in great consumption as they contain preservatives. Certain preservatives are also carcinogenic.

Do you love coffee, chocolates, soda and other caffeine containing foods ? Caffeine when taken in big consumption can also cause health problems.

This is a must. Avoid eating fatty foods as when taken regularly, the fats accumulate in the different organs of our body. This cause athesclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a condition in which fatty materials builds up on the walls of arteries and block blood flow. This cause serious heart problems and may even lead to death. Other diseases include gall bladder stones and high blood pressure. This results to coronary heart disease which occurs when the coronary arteries become clogged from atherosclerosis. Eating foods rich in fat or high in cholesterol is usually the reason.

Too much drinking results in Cirrhois of the liver. It is a scarring of the liver that impairs its functioning. This will eventually lead to cancer of the liver. Cancer of the liver though can also be caused by hepatitis that was not treated early. Therefore, regulalr check-up is necessary. Hepatitis A is usually caused by food bacteria while Hepatitis B by blood transfusion or sexual contact.

Do you love eating cakes, ice cream, chocolates and drinking soda ? Then you are a great candidate for diabetes. Though some of diabetes' causes are due to heredity, some are acquired. Diabetes Mellitus is a condition characterized by high blood sugar and resulting to the body's inability to produce or properly use insulin. Avoiding foods that are too sweet is best. Another type of diabetes is diabetes coma. This is a state of partial or complete unconsciousness brought on when the blood sugar level is very high and the insulin level is low.

Minimize your consumption of foods rich in sodium like chips, certain nuts, dried foods and processed foods. These foods may not cause cancer but may cause other critical diseases most especially kidney failure. Kidney failure is a very difficult and painful disease. Treatment is also very costly and high percentage of cases lead to death.

To strengthen your immune system, have a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish. Foods rich in fiber are needed by the body as these schrub toxins in our body. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly will help a lot. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in Vitamin C, A, and other vitamins and minerals that cleanse your body and increase your immunity to diseases. Fish is rich in omega-3.

The genes also have a great role in getting this disease. If your parents or relatives have this disease, you have the risk of getting it too. But if we will eat healthy, it will be minimized. It may come later in life but with our healthy lifestyle, we can make our lives longer or live a happy disease-free life.

Effects of Cancer


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