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Getting your epic flying mount in warcraft

Updated on March 5, 2008

Let me break it down easy for you. You need 5000g to get your epic flier. Plus you need 200g for the mount. For some people that can't save, that seems to be an insurmountable amount of gold required to get the mount. I am going to state very clearly what I did, and how I did it.

I have, and always have had a bad case of alt-ititis. For those not familiar with the term, it means I have a lot of alts. This was a huge money drain on me. Buying mounts, gear, etc etc. First thing I did was parked one in Ironforge near the bank and the auction house. Second thing I did was made a commitment to not level my alts at all, but I was going to use them to help earn my gold.

A quick breakdown of what I have and used.

Level 70 warrior: Miner/Blacksmith

Level 70 Mage: Enchanter/Tailor

Level 62 Shaman: Miner/Jewelcrafter

Of these three, the warrior is the only one with maxed professions. The mage is over 350 with his, and the shaman I leveled jewelcrafting up to the point of being able to prospect adamantite. That's very important. I get bored farming, I get bored grinding, I get bored raiding, I even get bored doing Battlegrounds, so I knew I would not be able to sit down and do one thing at a time to make this money. So, I browsed the AH to see what was needed at what time with my shaman, who was parked in Ironforge. I started the process at 1000g between all my alts. In less then 5 days I had the money required.

Step 1: Do all the dailies you can. I began the day with my warrior doing his dailies(except for the dungeon ones, too much of a money sink). I then logged in my mage and did his dailies. Approximately 210g for both characters dailies.

Step 2: I flew to nagrand, and hit up elemental plateau. I would kill the water elementals, then fish the nodes. Rinse and repeat. In less then an hour, I had 7 primal waters. It should be noted you need to be familiar with your own servers farming schedule. I knew when to go when there was little or no competition. Mailed the primals to my shaman, put 4 primals on the AH, held the others in reserve.

Step 3: Logged on my frost mage and killed fire elementals in shadowmoon vale until I had 3 primal fires. Sent to AH.

Step 4: There is a blood elf camp in shadowmoon just east of the alliance stronghold. The belfs are spread out, low hit health, and pretty easy for a warrior to tear through. I farmed them until I had several tomes, and around 30 rings. Would take around 1 to 1.5 hours. The tomes sell for average of 15 to 20g a piece, and the rings for 1g apiece. Vendored everything else I looted, except for cloth and greens. These were sent to my mage.

Step 5: Log the mage back in, made the cheapest tailored greens I could with netherweave, dis-enchanted them and sold the arcane dust on the AH. Sometimes I got a shard as well. Also disenchanted all greens looted while farming.

Step 6: Log back onto warrior, and just looked for nodes to mine. All adamantite and gems went to my jewelcrafter. From 3 stacks of adamantite, I would get around 4 blue gems on average. The other gems I cut and sold for 1g on the AH. All fel iron and eternium were smelted together to create Felsteel, which sells for 15 to 20g a bar.

Everything else was just varied to what I would do to kill time, or felt like doing. During this time, I never went into an instance, never bought a thing from the AH, and only paid for repairs and food.

Some more tips or ideas would be to run low level dungeons, and sell the items on the AH, or disenchant them.

I averaged 800g a day, in only about 5 to 6 hours of trying. And don't worry, once you get your epic, and start the netherwing dailies, the money just flows back in.

Hopefully this little guide will help anybody like me, who has many alts, gets bored easy, and could just be overwhelmed by the amount of gold required to fly fast.


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