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Why Fiber Is Important in Our Diet

Updated on May 24, 2008

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We always hear that a diet rich in fiber is good for our health. It prevents certain types of cancer, as well as other diseases of our body. From my experience, I can say that yes, it is really good for our health. I used to love eating meat, preserved foods and I've been dining out in fast foods. Due to my busy schedule, I would rush to fast foods for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know that the foods available in these establishments are high in fat & sodium, also in preservatives, but due to less time to prepare the foods, I usually end up there or have my food delivered. When attending parties, I wouldn't watch what I eat.

Few months ago, I started to feel pain in my stomach area and my lower back. I'm always afraid to have a medical check-up as negative findings might result. It was then that I realized I have to start eating healthy. It was hard at first as I was used to eating fatty, sweet and salty foods. But I had to change my diet for health reasons. Then I started eating vegetables and fish. I also added fruits to every meal. I still eat meat few times in a week but this time, I already remove the fat. My body slowly became used to a diet of vegetables, fish and fruits. Sometimes I would crave for fatty, sweet and salty foods, I do eat a few but I detoxify myself after.

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High Fiber Foods - Healthy Weight Loss

This video explains why fiber is very much important in our diet. What is the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber and why both are important in our diet. It also includes how toxins are eliminated in our diet with the help of fiber.

Due to the busy lifestyle of the people today, more and more depend on easy-to-cook and fastfoods. Our current day jobs are too demanding of our time and this has taken it's tool on our health. We have to start watching our diet before its too late. Adding fruits and vegetables in our diet is very essential. These foods are rich in fiber which is a very important factor for good health.

A high-fiber diet includes fruits and vegetables. It can also include brown rice, whole grains and oatmeal. Fiber is good for our body as it can help prevent certain diseases, good for digestion and may even prevent cancer. Certain studies claim fiber may help to prevent constipation. It also helps lower cholesterol levels, stabilizes blood sugar and prevents obesity.

Fiber is also very essential to those with diabetes as eating it regularly helps regulate the body's blood sugars. It helps in the reduction of blood sugars most especially to those with diabetes.

Do you want to lose weight ? Adding foods rich in fiber to your diet is a good start. Eating a high fiber diet results to a leaner and healthier body. It sometimes slows the onset of hunger.

Fiber is very essential in the digestive process. It slows down the eating process because of its texture and the ability to be chewed. Our mouth spends more time breaking down the foods into pieces thus, lesser amount of food is taken by the body than when we eat other kinds. Absorption is slowed down and glucose (sugar) enters the bloodstream more slowly. This process makes the body's blood sugar on a more even level which is very for people who wants to lose weight.

So, are you planning for that next meal today ? Why not make it healthier and lighter ? Remember, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

The "F" word......Fibre

This video gives us high fiber diet options. It gives us tips on how we can get more fiber in our diet. Also, what are the best alternatives to our favorite low-fiber foods. The body's recommended daily fiber intake is 30 grams a day. This video explains that it is easy to reach this allowance if only we will change the foods we eat to high fiber alternatives.

What Is A Detox Diet?

This video explains how to detoxify our body by eating healthy. How detox diet can help remedy eating disorder, diabetes, constipation and other health problems. What is the process of detoxification and adjustment of the body undergoing this process.


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