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Stress - Fight It!

Updated on May 8, 2008


Stress - Know It and Fight It!

Stress - Fight It!

We all have felt stress before in some points of our lives and it certainly isnt a good feeling. Stress are normally being seen as a negative feeling but to some people, they can actually thrive in the adrenaline that stress produces.

To be able to manage stress well, we first have to understand it. How do you know if you are experiencing stress? Here are some of the symptoms:

-Difficulty sleeping well through the night

-Feeling tired all the time

-Loss of Appetite

-Short Tempered


-Low Self Esteem

-Frequent Headaches

If you experience the above, stress is likely fighting with you. Stress is usually caused by studies, peer pressure, financial issues, family expectations and the changes in our routines. Therefore, we all have to be able to manage our stress levels well in order to live a good life.

Having high self esteem is very essential in helping to cope with stress. Self esteem is the value in which how we see ourselves, how we feel about ourselves. At many points in our lives, we do not feel confident and positive. We feel lousy in doing something, we feel dissatisfied with the things we do. This is where stress starts forming. Therefore, it is very important to have good self esteem. You need to have faith in yourself, be confident and be sure of yourself. Think about your past achievements. Think about what you are good at. You certainly are not a lousy person and you are something. Thus, build up your mind, build up your confidence and have high self esteem. In this way, stress will be out of your way and you will be on your way to achieving!

Here are some relaxation techniques to help you when you are feeling stressed out due to work or fatigue -

Breath Counting

Sit up straight or in a lying position, take deep breaths. Count 10 breaths in a row. You must focus on your breathing and get rid of all the thoughts in your mind. Just feel your breathing. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Muscle Relaxation

Clench your fist and then straighten your fingers several times to increase blood flow. Let your fingers and hands hang loose and then gently shake your hands.

Wiggle your face, raise and lower your eyebrows, puff up your cheeks, relax the jaw.

Massage your ears gently by gently pulling down your ear lobe and massaging them using your thumb and index fingers.

Mental Relaxation

Switch on some soft music, preferably classical music. Sit down on a comfortable chair on just relax in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breath deeply. Do not think about stressful things. Instead, think happy thoughts. Think of all the ideal things you want in life.

These relaxation techniques might help you to feel better both physically and mentally. However, one of the most effective way to fight stress is to talk to somebody about your problems. In that way, you will feel much better after speaking out.

There are many ways to fight different kinds of stress. Just be positive and you can get rid of stress!


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