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The Gall Bladder and Its Functions

Updated on June 26, 2008

I have experienced discomfort in my upper right abdomen few months ago and it lasted for weeks. I got worried and visited my doctor. She advised me to get an ultrasound of my upper abdomen. She suspected it might be a gall bladder problem. This was the reason why I researched about this body part and about its functions. I hope the information below will help a lot of people who might be suffering from the same condition.

The gall bladder is a part of the digestive system that is famous as many people commonly encounter problems in this part of the body. Most especially for those who don't watch their diet and live an unhealthy life. Though a human being can function properly even without this organ, there are still risks.

The gall bladder is an organ, about the size and shape of a small pear. It is tucked alongside the liver and is attached to a bile duct that joins the small intestine via the duodenum.

It is important in the digestive process as it stores the bile that the liver produces - until a fatty meal is eaten. A digestive hormone then sends bile trickling down into the duodenum where it goes to work digesting fats.

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