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get rich like an internet marketing guru

Updated on June 1, 2008

While I was out on my roadbike today, although it's a no-no, I had my iPod on and was listening to Russell Brunson's newest product called Affiliate Evolution.

Some people just hate these Internet Marketing Gurus. I find it hard to hate anyone, but some do annoy me. That said, I do find the Gurus very interesting. I mean, sure it could all be smoke and mirrors and they could be full of shit about the amounts of money that they make, but some of them seem to have a VERY good story if that's the case and they really are broke.

While Russell and Stu McLaren were talking away, I was thinking about what I've learned in my short Internet Marketing career and what differs from us unknowns in the trenches and the Guru's. We unknowns are writing ebooks, doing graphics, affiliate marketing, writing articles, flipping websites, writing scripts, doing SEO for other marketers etc. and is that what the Guru's are doing?

If we want to make the kind of money that the Guru's profess to be making, shouldn't we be taking a look at what is is they are doing and see if we can't model it? They say success leaves traces right?



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