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So who's getting rich quick here?

Updated on August 29, 2008

I'm rich, James!

Ah, yes. Having a passive income. One where you can just kick back, sipping on your exotic cocktail, enjoying the ocean scenery as some system you paid a few dollars for makes you richer than your wildest dreams. Sound too good to be true? It obviously is. These days, it's rare to go a day without seeing an advertisement for one of these scams. How can you tell if one of these products being sold to you is a scam? Because whoever is behind these scams is making their income off your "investment."

If turning a few dollars into millions were really that easy, why would companies not just be investing their wealth they had accumulated themselves? Because it is complete bull. At best, you will be sold vague, brief instructions which have no value to you. While there are several legit ways to make a steady income online, they often require as much or more time and effort being put into them as a full time job would. Sadly, the popular dream of having your computer sit there while you become rich just isn't realistic.

The most feasible way by far for an average person to make any income online would be to put to offer their skills, services, or products on a commercial website. It's understandable that many people are able to be pulled into the get-rich-quick scheme. Certain "rich jerks" flaunt their wealth, promising you too can be just as successful as them. In writing this, I have a certain site in mind. If you ever come across such a site as this, I recommend checking it out solely for the comedic value. Honestly who wouldn't like to make a small investment and receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in return? Unfortunately, that's not reality. Reality is working hard and using your knowledge to succeed, not throwing down a couple of dollars for a couple million.

2008 - Nathan Coors


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    • odd world profile image

      odd world 9 years ago from Oddsville

      Agreed. Utilizing your own skills is a very wise decision.

    • jonsailr profile image

      jonsailr 9 years ago from Scituate, MA

      But, but, but, they "Guarantee" you'll make a million bucks... it's guaranteed...