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Pray for the Godly Leaders in America

Updated on October 9, 2008

Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin

Who will become the U.S. President if the Election were held today (October 9,2008) ?

If the U.S. Presidential Elections were held today (October 9, 2008) Senator Barack Obama would win the presidency and Senator Joseph Biden would become the Vice President. Every national poll shows that Barack Obama is ahead of John McCain. Here is the Rasmussen Poll:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

For the moment, and probably longer, Obama has begun to build up margins in some of the previous toss-up states. With this issue, the Crystal Ball now has Obama over the magic number of 270 for the first time, with potentially many more electoral votes to be piled on top. It is difficult to believe that John McCain is going to carry all the remaining toss-up states, which have a total of 86 electoral votes. The GOP nightmare is that McCain will carry few of them, pushing Obama's Electoral College total well above 300. Coattails at the congressional level are starting to become a real worry for the GOP.

Barack Obama is the Most Radical Senator in the U.S. Senate

The non-partisan National Journal scores senators each year on the totality of their economic, defense and foreign policy votes to rate how "liberal" they are.

Sen. Barack Obama has the highest score of all of the 100 senators. 1

Joe Biden is the eighth-highest scorer.

To put it in perspective, both Obama and Biden scored far higher than the only self-described Socialist in the Senate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who had the 12th- highest score. 2

On practically every issue, Obama and Biden have political objectives that are radical and repugnant to most Americans.

Obama voted against a bill that would permit juries to consider the death penalty for gang members who murder to advance the gang's interest. 3

Both Obama and Biden have voted against making English our official language. 4

At a campaign event in Georgia, Obama told the crowd that "instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English - they'll learn English - you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish." 5

Many people think some gun control is appropriate, but Obama believes in total gun control: He doesn't think you should own a gun at all.

When a questionnaire from the Independent Voters of Illinois asked Obama if he would "ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns," he responded "yes."

Obama told John Lott Jr., a senior research scientist at the University of Maryland, "I don't believe that people should be able to own guns." 6

As to same-sex marriages, Biden said during the Oct. 2 vice presidential debate: "Look, in an Obama-Biden administration, there will be absolutely no distinction from a constitutional standpoint or a legal standpoint between a same-sex and a heterosexual couple.

"We do support making sure that committed couples in a same-sex marriage are guaranteed the same constitutional benefits as it relates to their property rights, their rights of visitation, their rights to insurance, their rights of ownership as heterosexual couples do." 7

And Obama published a letter on his Web site earlier this year, stating: "I support the complete repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) - a position I have held since before arriving in the U.S. Senate.

"While some say we should repeal only part of the law, I believe we should get rid of that statute altogether.

"Federal law should not discriminate in any way against gay and lesbian couples, which is precisely what DOMA does. I have also called for us to repeal ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' and I have worked to improve the Uniting American Families Act so we can afford same-sex couples the same rights and obligations as married couples in our immigration system." 8

Sen. Obama's repeal of DOMA would strip away the states' ability to choose whether or not to recognize same-sex marriage ceremonies held in another state.

His repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" would take away the military's ability to consider the impact a person's homosexual status or activities has on their military service.

And his last suggestion would grant even a temporary immigrant in the U.S. the ability to bring in their homosexual partner under the "Family Unity Program." 9

When he was in the Illinois State Senate, Obama voted against the "Induced Infant Liability Act" requiring medical care for babies who survive an abortion. The bill came up twice in the Judiciary Committee on which he served. CBS News reported Obama voted "present" in 2001 and "no" in 2002. 10

Why would Obama not allow abortion survivors to be given medical attention?

This is what he said during the Illinois State Senate debate in March 2001: "It would essentially bar abortions because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child and if this was a child then this would be an anti-abortion statute." 11

If only they knew, the vast majority of Americans would consider Obama and Biden far too radical for their tastes.

J. Michael Sharman is an independent columnist who practices law in Culpeper. His column appears Tuesdays in the Star-Exponent.

“Obama & Friends: The History of Radicalism”

On Sunday October 5 2008 Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity hosted a program called "Obama & Friends: The History of Radicalism" in which he investigated Obama's college years when he associated with a radical Muslim such as Khalid Al-Mansour, a Black Muslim and Black Nationalist who was a "mentor" to the founders of the Black Panther party at the time the party was founded in the early 1960s.

How did Obama have radical ideas and who influenced him ?

Obama's Association with William Ayers - a Domestic Terrorist

John McCain's Personal Testimony of how he experienced God's love, mercy and grace inside a North Vietnamese prison.

During his interview with Rick Warren at the Saddleback Civil Forum McCain was asked about his personal Christian faith, he replied, "It means I am saved and forgiven." He expounded further in a question about religious persecution, "Our Judeo-Christian principles dictate that we do what we can to help people who are oppressed throughout the world. I would like to tell you that I still think that even in the worst places in the world today, they still harbor this hope and dream someday to be like us and have freedom and democracy. We remain, my friends, the most unusual experiment in history and I'm privileged to spend every day of my life in it. I know what it is like to be without it."

Then John McCain gave a personal testimony about how God was gracious to him while he was inside a North Vietnamese prison:

"The Vietnamese kept us in prison in conditions of solitary confinement, or two or three to a cell. They did that because they knew they could break down our resistance. One of the techniques that they used to get information was to take ropes and tie them around your biceps, loop the rope around your head and pull it down beneath your knees and leave you in that position. You can imagine it's very uncomfortable.

One night, I was being punished in that fashion. All of sudden the door of the cell opened and the guard came in. The guy who was just -- what we call the gun guard -- just walked around the camp with the gun on his shoulder. He went like this and loosened the ropes. He came back about four hours later and tightened them up again and left.

The following Christmas, because it was Christmas day, we were allowed to stand outside of our cell for a few minutes. In those days we were not allowed to see or communicate with each other, although we certainly did. And I was standing outside, for my few minutes outside at my cell. He came walking up. He stood there for a minute, and with his sandal on the dirt in the courtyard, he drew a cross and he stood there. And a minute later, he rubbed it out, and walked away.

For a minute there, there was just two Christians worshipping together. I'll never forget that moment." (APPLAUSE BY THE AUDIENCE).

John McCain had a personal experience of God's love, mercy and grace during the darkest hours of his life as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

Evangelical Christians Energized by McCain-Palin Ticket

Senator John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin as his running-mate already has energized conservative religious leaders across the country. The Alaska governor was raised in a Pentecostal church and has called herself "as pro-life as any candidate can be.

The 44-year-old mother of five, who led her high school chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, was baptized as a teenager at the Wasilla Assembly of God Church, where she and her family were very active, according to her then-pastor, Paul Riley.

She now sometimes worships at the Juneau Christian Center, which is also part of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, said Brad Kesler, business administrator of the denomination's Alaska District. But her home church is The Church on the Rock, an independent congregation, Riley said.

As a politician, Palin has sided with the majority evangelical view in opposing gay marriage and expressing a desire to see creationism discussed alongside evolution in schools.

During a 2006 debate, she said she was a proponent of teaching both evolution and creationism in schools. She later clarified her stance in an interview with the Anchorage Daily News, saying that she doesn't think creationism needed to be part of the curriculum and that she would not push the state Board of Education to add such alternatives to the state's required curriculum.

Not only does Palin oppose abortion as a matter of policy, but she chose to give birth to her youngest child, a son, after a prenatal exam indicated Down syndrome. Studies show that about nine in 10 pregnant women who are given a Down syndrome diagnosis have chosen to have an abortion.

Many evangelical leaders said McCain helped himself with a solid performance at Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, where McCain proclaimed, "I will be a pro-life president."

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson calls Alaska Governor Sarah Palin "an outstanding choice." Dobson has said in the past he couldn't vote for McCain, but now says her selection should be "extremely reassuring to the conservative base." Palin calls herself "as pro-life as any candidate can be. "

Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention says Palin is "straight out of veep central casting. "

As a politician, Palin has sided with the majority evangelical view in opposing gay marriage and has expressed a desire to see creationism discussed alongside evolution in schools.

Call it the Palin effect -- John McCain's choice of Alaska's governor Sarah Palin has motivated many conservatives previously reluctant to support his candidacy to surrender their enthusiastic support.

Notably among them is Dr. James Dobson, the very influential conservative leader, who heads the nationwide Focus on the Family organization. Dr. Dobson, who has flatly declared that he would not vote for McCain now says he will, and attributes his change of mind to the senator's choice of solidly conservative pro-life Gov. Palin to be his running mate.

Earlier this year, Dr. Dobson had announced on the nationally syndicated "The Dennis Prager Show" that he "cannot and will not vote for Senator John McCain." Friday on Prager's Show, he changed course and announced his enthusiastic support of McCain on the heels of the announcement by McCain of Palin as his vice presidential running mate.

Speaking with Prager, Dr. Dobson said he now feels the same excitement he felt when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.

"That was one of the most exciting days of my life, because everything that we had hoped for and been working for had come to pass," he told Prager. "I feel very much that way today. Maybe that's an overstatement. Maybe time won't validate it, but this is a very exciting and encouraging day for conservatives and pro-family activists. I am just very, very pleased. "

Noting that he has become very concerned about the prospects of the very liberal Barack Obama winning the presidency, he told Prager, "So I've been moving in John McCain's direction. "

After hearing of the Palin nomination, he said, "But I can tell you that if I had to go into the studio, I mean the voting booth today, I would pull that [McCain] lever.

Said Prager, "Well, if you're very excited given your previous reservations then I have to believe, and certainly based on the handful of calls I've been able to take the first hour before my 'Happiness Hour,' people were so excited, palpably excited. Jim Dobson, I got to tell you... if your base is energized then that is the biggest nightmare that the left has.

"Dobson replied: "I was just with about 300, maybe 400 people in a large auditorium, and they put Sarah Palin's speech on the screen and we sat there and watched. I'm telling you it was electric. These were conservatives, you know. They were mostly Christian, but not all of them were. I mean to tell you, it set that crowd on fire. If that's any indication, I think we are going to see some things."

Dr. James Dobson says he plans to vote for McCain-Palin.

Though Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family has been lukewarm at best in his support of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, today's announcement that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is joining McCain on the ticket seems to have finally broken the ice for Dobson.

Pray to our Heavenly Father to intervene in the 2008 Election

The economy is still the number one issue in the Election. Americans do not care about whether or not the presidential candidate is a godly person. All they care is which candidate will save the economy of America; which candidate will give them jobs and place food on the table. The typical American may believe in God and go to Church but he or she is also realistic and pragmatic on how to survive. That's life!

Even after the $700 billion bailout and the Federal Reserves' half percent cut in the interest rate, the stock market's Dow Jones Industrials Index continues to drop another 678.91 points today. The unemployment rate is still at an all time high. America is already in a recession. This extremely bad economic situation does not look good for the McCain / Palin ticket because the Obama / Biden ticket is putting the blame on the Bush Administration and the Republican Party for the recession. The voters usually vote for the changing of the political parties in the White House.

At last evening's interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel both John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared calm and composed. They even said they were glad to be the underdogs in this election. Do McCain and Palin think they still have a chance to win the election. Yes, they do! How come? They believe in the One True God who can intervene even in the worst situation and pull out a win. John McCain has experienced it when he was a P.O.W in Vietnam, and Sarah Palin has also experienced it when she won the election as the governor of Alaska. God bless their hearts.

Both John McCain and Sarah Palin have requested our prayers for God's intervention. All Christians, regardless of race, color, church affiliation and political parties, must unite in one accord and pray to the One True God in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to intervene in this coming Election, and guide the godly presidential candidate John McCain and V.P. candidate Sarah Palin to win on November 4, 2008. "But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Mt. 19:26) It will be done!

Our Lord Jesus Christ has promised the Disciples, "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." (Mt. 18:19-20) "And all things, whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." (Mt. 21:22)

Pray in faith and sincerity and expect God's answer. Expect a miracle. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, HalleluYah!

Vote YES to the McCain / Palin Ticket


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    • profile image

      r c 

      10 years ago

      I am a die-hard Republican, because of my belief in God. So, I won't vote for Democrats at all; nevertheless, I am not going to vote for Republican who has been so corrupted in the past 8 years, either.

      Choosing lesser evil of the two is still choosing evil.

      R C

    • profile image

      r c 

      10 years ago

      I am a die-hard Republican, because of my belief in God. So, I won't vote for Democrats at all; nevertheless, I am not going to vote for Republican who has been so corrupted in the past 8 years, either.

      Choosing lesser evil of the two is still choosing evil.

      R C

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Neither Obama nor John McCain are fit to be President of the USA.Why NOt? They are both New World Order people which are are luciferians members that want to destroy this nation. These two and their cronies are Neo Fascist like George Bush and most of Congress. Kiss your nation good by. But don't worry Jesus Christ will come and save us from these evil people. We are now in the time of Jacob's Trouble, Jeremiah 30:6-10.

      We had our best Chance with Ron Paul but you can still vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitutional Party or Ralph Nader of the independant party.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      If we are voting for a religious leader, Obama is definitely NOT a suitable candidate. However, voting for a president, Obama is more practical than Mc Cain. Currently, we are voting for a leader to lead a country so as not to allow us to again fall into recession, owing a large debt of 10 TRILLIONS dollar. That is 10,000,000,000,000 greenbacks......

      The Republican, Bush alone has double the country's debt. Mc Cain is a Republican, for God sake, 26 YEARS in Washington, what has he done? Being a Maverick? Being a war hero? Voting to Fight against some other countries that is outside of our jurisdiction, like Iraq for an imaginary WMD? while our debts increases more than 1 billions (USD1,000,000,000) daily due to all these WARS?


      Not knowing how many houses he owns? Thinking that our economy is fundamentally sound when the wall street starts to collaspse?

      This 10 TRILLION debt is NOT going to be borned by your generation, but is GOING to be borned by MY generation, by MY NEXT generation, by MY NEXT NEXT generation. We need a leader that is practical to get us out of this economic slumps, not some religious leader to preach.......

    • Wbisbill profile image


      10 years ago from Tennessee USA

      Good hub. Thumbs up from a fan and a born-again Christian conservative. I am not happy this election, but I pray for whoever wins. I hope it is not Obamma!


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