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good dating advice for men

Updated on July 20, 2007

dating advice

You want to ask a lady to go on a date with you. Do you wonder what it takes to ask her out and have her say yes? The answer might surprise you because of its simplicity. Women like to be treated with respect and courtesy. Act kind, be gentle, and be honest about your feelings with her. Your lady will surely want to go out with you when you approach her this way. There are, however, some things to remember before you go out on that first date.

First be sure to ask her if she would like to go out with you when you are both alone. Do not ask her for a date when you are in front of others. This may embarrass her, and she might decline your invitation altogether.

It is best to request a minute with her alone and tell her how much you would like to spend a fun evening with her. Then just ask if she would like to join you on a specific night for a quiet dinner and a show. Let her know the day and time you want to go for dinner. This is important because she needs time to prepare for the date also. This is the best way to get her to agree to the first date.

You can use these simple tips to ensure your date will be a memorable one for both of you:

Look good, be neat. Put extra effort into the way you look. Take the time to be well groomed, smell nice and choose your clothes well. Make a good impression, so you can charm her and she can be proud of you.

Do not be late. Prepare for the big day ahead. Make the necessary reservations and plans for your date. She will be impressed that you put effort into planning your big night together. Be sure that during the 'big day' you have no unnecessary appointments so you will be there on time.

Be polite. Be sure to make her feel special by complimenting the way she looks. Add to the moment by asking her about herself or something you know she is interested in. This lets her know that you are truly interested in her. This helps the flow of conversation.

Say her name. Make it a point to say her name ever so often in your conversation. This will make her feel special and let her know you care about her. Smile and enjoy the moments you are sharing. One good feeling leads to another. This is true for the both of you.

Lighten the mood with laughter. When you both laugh, it means you are having fun. She is having a nice time, and the positive energy between you is growing. This will be an occasion she will remember! The best part is that she will remember you as the man she enjoyed this special time with.

Relax and enjoy the evening. Dating should be exciting and relaxing for both of you. Following these tips will give you more confidence and lead to a memorable date for you and your lady. Enjoy yourself!


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