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It's all about the Water

Updated on January 26, 2008

What's in your Water?

There is certainly a craze to consume pure water, in bottles mainly, as so many toxins and chlorides and other unwanted elements are increasingly part of our water system. How important is it to drink good water? Well, our bodies are mainly water, our cells thrive on the nutrients provided through our blood stream (mainly water) and without enough of it we die fairly quick.

So, it is VERY important to drink enough water that is free from damaging toxins but that includes essential minerals once found in natural water sources.

One of the best places to find mineral-rich nutrients that can be placed in ordinary water to enhance it is from coral. About nine years ago, the calcium and minerals were harvested from the coral in Okinawa and were sold through various MLM's and nutritional companies. It is very bio-available and allows asorption of these vital life-enhancing nutrients.

Since its "discovery," or rediscovery, there have been numerous companies that produce the product either in pill form or by "sachets;" small packets that act like tea bags when immersed in ordinary water. Recently, a new kind of coral calcium is being harvested live as it washes up on the beaches of northern Brazil. This new coral has 12 times the trace mineral content of Okinawan coral calcium. The Brazilian coral is cold processed allowing more of the marine nutrients, proteins, amino acids and phyto-nutrients to be retained.

I have recently been introduced to these water-transforming sachets and have begun my own research on its effectiveness. So far I see a difference in my nails - they are losing their "ridges." Also my skin is noticeably softer. My boyfriend is getting relief from his arthritis and swears it is because of the sachets. It is raising our awareness about our consumption overall - so this one little change, drinking the coral calcium water, is slowly optimizing our systems.

Another benefit is it has a pH lowering effect. There are many studies which show that cancer and other invasive cell activity is suppressed in an alkaline environment. One can eat barrels of alkaline vegetables or drink the coral calcium water - about 48 oz a day will do it.

I highly recommend coral calcium supplements through water to everyone.

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Water makes me Happy

Whenever I feel "not quite right," I realize I need to drink water. So often it is a matter of rehydration. Pure, mineral rich, hydrating, pH-balanced water is a fundamental necessity for optimal health.

Music makes me Happy
Music makes me Happy


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