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Hvac Tips

Updated on January 21, 2009

HVAC Tips For Beginners



Here I will be explaining some Hvac tips that you can do around the house that could save you some money on your electric bill. But before I get into that I want to make sure that you know why we will be doing some of the things that I suggest. I am a handyman in Florida and 99% of the time I get an hvac service call it is for the air conditioning, the other 1% is heating so I am by far no expert on heating. These tips will be most aimed towards keeping your house cool and getting the most out of your central air conditioning unit.


First off when you turn you’r a/c on you feel cold air blowing out of the vents and it cools the room down right? That is not actually happening though, the way a hvac system cools a room is by taking the heat from the room, and escorting outside through the condensing unit. Remember that, that is the number one basic of cooling and refrigeration everywhere, in cars, refrigerators, freezers, etc. Another thing to remember is that heat will always move to a cooler area, always, nothing can stop it. Think about it say you have a refrigerator and you set the freezer as cold as it will go, and then you turn it off, it will eventually get to be around the same temperature as the outside of the freezer will get, this is because heat always moves to the cooler spot, but with the freezer we can slow this process down by way of seals and stuff. It is the same thing in your home, the more ways that you can slow the heat from getting into your house to less hard your air conditioning will have to work and the more money you will save.


1.       Caulk around all the window sills inside of your home. Just the smallest hole can let more heat in then you would like and it really helps. Start at the window sill and work all the way around the window on the sides and the top. If you notice any small gaps in any of the window panes you need to seal those up to, I would not use caulking for this as it will look like the crap, the product that I use is solar seal, the clear kind, it will work wonders and you won’t even notice that it was there.

2.       Tinting you windows, there are a lot of cars that have window tint and this will definitely slow the process of the heat transfer down, the same effect will take place if you do this to your home windows also.  

3.       Proper weather stripping around all doors of the home that lead to the outside. Not only will proper weather stripping help out your hvac systems efficiency it will also help keep insects out of the house.



Some other tips to keep your hvac system running good are as follows.

1.       Make sure that your air filter is clean and free of dust and dirt. There are many different kinds of air filters that are out there, some require more maintenance than others but the all work in the same principle. If you have a dirty air filter you will be restricting the air flow, slowing down the cooling process, not only that your hvac system will be working harder than it needs to be and you still get the same amount on your power bill. Check and replace your filter often, if you get the cheap kind replace the filter monthly.

2.       Make sure that you have the right amount of refrigerant in your system. Now this can be expensive to do especially if you do not have an hvac license. One way to make sure that your air conditioner is working, is to go outside by the condenser and feel the air the condenser is pushing out. The air should be warm, remember air conditioners work by removing heat. If you discover that your unit is low on Freon then you have a leak, simply filling the unit back up with Freon will only fix the problem temporarily, if a unit is properly installed the Freon should never leak out.

3.       Put slime tablets in your drip pan (the air handler). When condensate drains from the air handler, over time because of humidity changes slime sludge will start to build up in the piping, this will cause the condensate to back up and it can trigger your float switch which will shut down your hvac unit, or it can flood your house, which sucks because then there is always a chance of mold and that is a whole other can of worms I don’t want to open up right now.

4.       Run fans, yes this will help your hvac system out a lot. Running fans does not cost that much in electricity and keeps the air moving. Once the hot air is out of the house the fans will help move the cooler air around, and once you reach your desired room temperature it will stay there longer without your air conditioning coming on and off every minute. In my home in the summer I keep all of my ceiling fans on and floor fans, at the same time I run the air conditioning and it keeps the place super cool, don’t overlook this.


I hope that you have got some use out of these Hvac Training tips if you have any questions, or have any tips of your own that you would like to contribute to this hub please feel free to leave me a comment I will get back to you as soon as I can.  



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    • profile image

      voltaslimited 8 years ago from Mumbai

      Nice hub dear.

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 9 years ago from India

      The actual HVAC equipment (indoor and outdoor units) must be installed by a qualified person.

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 9 years ago

      nice advice for home saving ideas