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i2i Stream from Aerielle, Inc

Updated on June 10, 2008

The first time that I saw the i2i Stream was in Las Vegas, at CES. It was on display in one of the smaller booths, and it was curiosity that drove me to the product.

What I was shown was a device that allows wireless streaming from one MP3 Player to the other. The demonstration that I was shown seemed awkward, and it didn’t look like this product had been completely perfected.

Apparently, things have improved. I finally got a chance to try the i2i Stream out for myself. The product comes in a box with two of the individual units, two USB to mini-USB cables, plus a few lanyard straps.

The set up was pretty simple, but it didn’t take up near as much time as the instructions said that it would. After all, it said it would take five to six hours for the first charge, but it only took about two to three hours.

The instructions were very clear as to the next step. I plugged one of the i2i Streams into my iPod, I then plugged the other one into my friend’s iPod Shuffle. Once I hit the send button on the source, and the receive button on the other, I had music right away.

I was surprised at how easy it was. Normally, when I try out new gadgets, I always factor in the “frustration factor”. Generally, most electronic products are never as simple to operate as the companies claim, but the i2i Stream worked with surprising ease.

Yes, the product worked easy enough, but I checked out the quality. The only problem that I had was the volume. When I was listening on the receiving end, I found that the volume on it to be quite faint. I turned up the volume on it on my end, and it helped a little. What I had to do was turn up the volume on the sending MP3 Player in order to heighten the volume on the receiving end.

The i2i can be programmed for different frequencies. Oddly enough, the frequency is not displayed by a number, but a color. Pushing the button to change the frequency results in a different color of light, and there is about seven of them.

The product claims that it can transmit up to 30 feet, and so I had a trial to test out the distance. I left the sending one downstairs, and went upstairs to talk to a friend of mine. To my surprise, it transmitted even though I was a floor up, and quite a distance a away.

I believe that the i2i Stream is designed to transmit from one headphone jack to the other. So it is capable of quite a lot of things. You should be able to purchase it for about $99.95-119.95.


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