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iMainGo 2 iPod or other MP3 Player Speaker

Updated on May 14, 2008

One of the problems with most MP3 players is that it makes the listening experience too personal. Unless you happen to have a Creative Zen Stone with Built-in Speaker, your sound on your MP3 Player will be confounded to your own headphones. There’s no way to share your music files with a whole crowd unless you want to do some controversial file sharing. If you have an iPod, you could purchase an iPod dock, but they are not very portable.

If you really want to take full audible sound with you, I would suggest the iMainGo. The iMainGo was voted the #1 best-selling product in its category at this year, and Portable Sound Laboratories has recently introduced the next version, the appropriately named iMainGo 2.

There are a few differences between iMainGo 2 and the original model. The second model has titanium high output stereo speakers, and fits all models of the iPod, including the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch. It also fits 90% of all MP3 Player brands, including the Zune. It can even work with the iPhone.

I found that the iMainGo 2 worked from the moment it was out of the box. All I needed to do was install the included four AAA batteries, and then insert the iPod in. Inserting the iPod was quite a complicated process involving a plastic cover, foam sponge, and a Velcro belt. Once you have those three elements in place, the iPod or whatever MP3 player you were to put in there isn’t going anywhere.

You can then switch the function to “music”, and close it up like a book. It zips up on the side, and it feels like a smaller version of a bible with one of those zipper covers. Yes, the iMainGo 2 is pretty thick, and although it is portable, it is somewhat heavy. The specs say it ways only nine ounces, but it feels heavier than that with an iPod classic inside. Let’s just say that if you hurled it like a brick into someone’s head, that person would most assuredly have a headache.

As far as the sound is concerned, it was surprisingly quite good for something its size. The music played excellently with clear highs and deep basses. As for the length of playing time, the battery life does last for about 30 hours.

My only hindrance with the iMainGo 2 was that the transparent screen on the outside was blocking operation. With the thick plastic screen, I had to press down on the clicker wheel very hard to make adjustments.

I believe the release date for the iMainGo 2 was April 1st, so you should be able to get it now. Be prepared to purchase it for about $39.95.


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