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iPod mini Battery Replacement

Updated on January 17, 2008

A Little Intimidated


I was a little intimidated by the iPod mini - it is so small and compact compared to the other iPods. But with my trusty instructions and goldfish at my side, i perservered and decided to proceed with the ipod mini battery replacement process.

The most challenging part I thought was taking off the white plastic caps on the top and bottom part of the iPod mini, but even that wasn't too bad: the kit i bought had this long blue plastic tool that you can't find with other kits that has a sharp tip which did a good job of prying off the caps, which by the way are held in place by this sticky goo.

This silver iPod mini is my sister's, who was secretly hoping i would break it, since she wants a new itouch lol. Now she gets to keep her mini for a few more years (although deep down i know she really doesn't mind keeping 'ol silver around).

I think as long as you read these instructions a few times before starting the whole process is pretty easy just don't rush. Even my goldfish was impressed that I did this one.

iPod mini Battery Replacement Video


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