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In Loving Memory Tattoos

Updated on February 1, 2013

In Loving Memory Tattoos

An intensive love for the art and expression that comes from tattoos and tattoo design has lead this author to write extensively about tattoos. If you found this article interesting then you might also be interested in In Loving Memory Tattoos You might also want to check out this site with over 6,000 downloadable tattoo designs Download Tattoo Designs

Looking for a way to commemorate the loss of a loved one? In loving memory tattoos are some of the deepest and most personal of all the tattoo designs out there and this makes them great. They are the type of tattoo that often is a result of tragedy or sadness yet they are the ones you will never regret getting. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one and want some way to celebrate and commemorate their life then a in loving memory tattoo might be the perfect option for you. It is not like you will have to worry if they stay cool and fashionable or not because the meaning is so much deeper. Plus it is always fashionable to remember the loved ones in your life

Never Forget

One of the reasons that “In loving Memory Tattoos” are so powerful is they make a great way to have a constant reminder of the person. For example a friend of mine lost his son at a very early age. He got a rather large chest tattoo with his son's portrait on it and the dates of his life. He says it is a constant reminder to live his life to his fullest and appreciate everyday for his lost son. This is a very powerful tattoo and one that helps him to continue on past in the face of the tragedy that so effected his life.

The Power Of Healing

Often it is very hard to let go of a loved one or someone you really care about. It is hard to get past the feelings of loss, hurt and it can be confusing emotionally. Often getting a tattoo can be an almost therapeutic experience. By having something to remember that person by it gets a little easier to let go of them and you also know that they will always be with you in one form another.

Deeply Symbolic And Personal Meaning

Of all the tattoos that a person can get often the ones that a person never regrets are ones with deep symbolic and personal meaning behind them. Thus in loving memory tattoos are often one of the kinds of tattoos that a person will never regret getting done. As the person will always be someone you want to hold close to and remember thus the magic of the tattoo will not fade either. These are not the types of tattoos that one gets on a whim while out drinking with his or her buddies. Instead, these tattoos are often gotten after deep and meaningful thoughts and the overall design of the tattoo often holds a ton of symbolic importance. Maybe it is a portrait of the person or some saying the you shared with the person that was significant or even a symbol that represent something that person stood for that is of great value to you also.

You should never just get a tattoo and especially a memorial tattoo thinking that it will magical solve all of the painful feelings associated with the loss of a loved one. However, design a tattoo and spending time thinking about the person and what they meant to you and what symbols could be used to represent the person is often very therapeutic and helpful in the healing process. Often people will state it feels a little easier to continue on with their life once they have a memorial tattoo as then now know they will never forget the person and the person in some ways is very close to them always.

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