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How I Earned More Than $200 in November from Internet Earnings

Updated on January 23, 2009

The number of people wanting to work at home is increasing. The latest economic crisis is leading more and more people to find a second job. Product costs have gone up and the ratio between our earnings and expenses has become unbalanced. The internet and blogging has already gained much popularity and more and more people are doing it now. I first started blogging two years ago but I can say I've only been active for a total of 6 months. I never believed at first that we can earn money online. I learned from a few posts that it takes months before we could earn. However, one day I realized that I will lose nothing if I will try it, if its really true, then I will gain much. And so my journey to blogging started.

$200 a month is not much compared to those who are professionals in the blogging world. However, I consider myself a beginner and this is a big achievement for me. A great help for my financial expenses and inspires me more to work harder in order to earn money online. Maybe someday, I can be my own boss. Work from home. Have my own time. Free from waking up so early in the morning and being able to work whenever and wherever I want to.

Here is the breakdown and the sources of this total:

1.) Google Adsense - got my first payout of $130plus dollars by end of November. If only I knew earlier how to drive traffic to my blogs and which keywords are well-searched, I could have reached this payout earlier. In the month of July, I made this blog about a specific niche and started to post weekly. I used the keywords I believed many people are searching online. I added this blog to my signatures in forums and a few social networking sites. I continued to add posts weekly. I started earning a few dollars and to my surprise, September was a lucky month for me. My earnings from this month soared up from a few dollars to more than $30. September ended but I didn't reach the payout yet. By October, my earnings increased even more. I already reached payout by the end of October. I happily waited for the end of November where payout will be sent.

2.) Writing Product Reviews - this alone earned me more than $40.

3.) Triond - I earned a few dollars from Triond and this has been added to my earnings. I'm trying to write more articles so I could increase that amount.

4.) Paid Blog Posts - I am a member of a few paid blogging sites. I got only a few assignments in November but still it has increased my earnings. I got more than $100 assignments though in December. The advertisers in my blogs on that month has tripled in number and I'm very thankful to it. Maybe because I got a domain blog now instead of a subdomain. This blog has a PR of 3.

This month, I'm expecting also more than $200 from adsense (earnings from Hubpages and my blogs), product reviews, paid blog posts and Triond. Most of the income comes from product reviews and paid blog posts but my Hubpages earning is also increasig :-). I'm expecting to receive my second adsense payment by the end of February. Trying to work harder so I could double that amount.

Life has become easier now that I've started earning online. Yes, you really can earn money online. Just be patient. It doesn't happen overnight. You have to spend a lot of hours on the internet at first but once you start earning, it will be every month already. For new bloggers, relax. Don't rush as most blogs are recognized by search engines after 6 months. If you write the high search keywords and you also drive traffic to your blogs at the same time, you will get more clicks in your adsense. It is also best to join paid blogging sites like Blogvertise, Linkworth, Review Me and similar sites. The technique is to work hard so you'll earn a higher pagerank for your blog. My PR 3 blog earns me more assignments while a few from my PR 2.

Another way too earn money is to join sites like Triond, Hubpages, Squidoo, and similar sites. Submitting articles to these sites will earn you a passive income monthly. The more articles you contribute, the more money you will earn.



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    • bigzorro profile image

      bigzorro 6 years ago from Germany

      Very useful information. I am also interested in Paid Blogging and Product Reviews. Going to try it the next time.