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iPhone May Hold Key to the Secrets of TV’s Lost

Updated on April 23, 2007

In case you missed April 18th's episode of Lost, the castaways discovered a knapsack that contained a satellite phone. Of course, the battery was dead, so they couldn't use it to call the outside world and have them come and rescue them. This is under the assumption that there is an outside world left, which is one of the many theories of Lost.

I can't help but think that if this were Gilligan's Island, the phone would have worked, but Gilligan would have accidentally dropped a bag of coconuts on it, or something. However, this is Lost, and certain viewers with high-definition DVRs have noticed that the satellite phone shown in the photo of Hurley's hairy hand is, in fact, an iPhone. Even though it doesn't have the lavel on it, it has the iPhone interface, and even has the OS X Home icon.

Yes, just when you thought the iPhone wasn't getting enough press, it makes an appearance on one of the most popular dramas on right now. Actually, Lost has dropped viewers this season, and some have speculated that it has to do with the direction of the story. However, that is the subject for another article.

Of course, dropping an iPhone into this already convoluted storyline doesn't make much sense. The iPhone was only unveiled this year, and, to this writing, isn't available to the general public just yet. Yet Lost takes place in the year 2004, at least that is what they said on the Season 2 finale when they actually gave the date that the plane crashed, which was sometime in September. One thing Lost is consistent about is its timeline, and I believe it has actually been less than 100 days since the pilot, as far as the show's time is concerned.

So there is no way that the castways could get their mitts on an actual iPhone satellite phone. However, there's probably no way they could get attacked by a polar bear or that black smoke monster that still has not been explained. Right now, there is a character who can somehow see into the future, so maybe the future is actually dropping technology on the castaways laps. Maybe this new character they are introducing, who presumably is the owner of the iPhone sat phone, can explain some things. I'm sure that she can, but we're probably not going to get the explanation all at once.

All mystery aside, did we really need to see an iPhone on this program? What's next, are "The Others" going to be using Apple TV?


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      kent 7 years ago

      that is not an iphone.