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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 1: The First Part of GFS Olympus

Updated on November 24, 2007

This is Part 1 of a strategy guide or walk through of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This will take you through the game victoriously, but may not take you through all the aspects. That is, there are a lot of missile expansions, bonuses, and other things that intend to go into great detail on after the main strategy guide and walkthrough is done.

Without further ado, here is how to beat Metroid Prime 3: Corruption:

In the Spaceship

Hit A on the center controller, the one that is glowing red. Your ship will alter its course and head for a fleet. From there, you will see a transmission and it will ask you to enter in coordinates.

There is a control mechanism above the center controller, so hit A. You will then four symbols, and you must enter those symbols from the ones you will see there. Don’t worry about how the shapes look, just imagine them turned on their side. You will receive confirmation. Go over to the lower left, and hit A on the blinking red area. To activate the thrusters, move your Wiimote forward on that one.

Docking Bay 5

You will have to shoot four targets before you can even enter this area. This might be a good time to mention the whole shooting on A vs. B. I found that the game was easier and more fun to play when I switched the normal default of A to fire and B to jump. Shooting with the B trigger just felt more natural, especially if you have the 2- in-1 Combined Light Gun. You can beat the game either way, but if you want to change, hit “1”, go to the “Options” Menu. (It will be that wrench-shaped icon.) From there, hit “Reverse Jump and Fire”, and that will make the switch.

From there, you will be told to go see Admiral Dane. You will be shown a place on your map, but it will be nigh useless since there is nothing but air in between. Go up the slanted plane to your right. Shoot the door open, which is the only way to open doors around here.

Docking Bay Access

You will enter a room where two people are talking. It’s pretty lame, but kind of important to the whole plot of the game. Turn right, and you’ll see a guy working at a console. Walk up to him and hit A, and you will be allowed to talk to him. The man will tell you that something is tripping up the walkway mechanisms.

Shoot the two things holding down your shooting button down for a while and then release. This is your first charge-shot, which you will use a lot in this game. Once you have cleared both blockages, the ramps will drop. You will also hear these musical notes that often follow every time you do something good. Go up any walkway and to the right of the large window will be another door.


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      Steiff Bear 9 years ago

      Anyway you post actuall maps from the game?