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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 10: The Second Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Back to Gateway

There is another ball tube with some ice on it, but we will go back to that later. In the meantime, you go back to the tube, morph ball, and follow it past where you entered in from, but out to the other side this time.

When you are able to stand, you will see a door. You will get attacked by these three creatures that explode when they see you, but they don’t do much damage. Walk up and analyze that door, and you will discover that it cannot withstand heavy weapons fire. Use a missile on it. If you don’t have a missile, blast the nearby things around you with charge shots. You can get missiles that way. Enter in.

Grand Court Path

Take out the purple monsters known as Shelbugs that crawl on the wall. You will soon come to a place full of large purple globes. Go into Hypermode and blast them all, including the Crawltanks that come after you. Ventilate your Hypermode after you are done. Then go through the door.

Grand Court

Jump down to giant area below, and two four-armed lizards called Reptilicus Hunters will attack. Destroy the lizards with charge shots. A snake-head idol located in the corner will retract, and follow it to a hall. To the left of the hall, there is a panel with a red center. Blast the red center, then any other thing that turns red. Doors will open, and a flaming statue will appear. Analyze the flaming statue. You will see many places like this in the game, and, when analyzed, will bring about some extra points. Exit through the door behind you.

Hillside Vista

Go to the nearest door, enter in, and jump down. You will need to face off with some purple dragonflies, but after they are defeated, find a very unnaturally round rock. Morph ball to the rock and drop a bomb, the rock will blow up, and you can enter in.

Once there, you will roll until you see these odd glowing worms going along the wall. Let the worms stick on you, then roll on the wall to the left, avoiding the bad guy on the ceiling. Soon, you’ll get to a high point and the worms will let go if you drop a concussion bomb. Then go until you see a red pod which will be a missile expansion pack. You can now hold five more missiles.

There’s more to do up there, so keep going up and to the right. That, or you can go back down, and you’ll run into a square rock blocking you, so blow it up with a bomb.

When you get to the other side, there is a statue blocking something. Use the grapple to remove the cover, and you’ll see a yellow area. Charge shot the yellow area, and the door will be revealed.

Reliquary Area I

Enter in and get your Grapple Swing mode, which you can try the moment you leave the room.

Return to Hillside Vista

You will see a point in space that will have the grapple symbol on it. Simply use Z-target and then swing the numchuck. You can then sail across like Tarzan, releasting at the right time. From the other side of the cliff, space jump up to the door.


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