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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 11: The Third Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Return to Grand Hall

Enter in the area with the giant Mogenar robot lays. There is a place off to the side that should be on your left. Go into that hole, and space jump up and up until you get to metal ramp. There will be two gel puffers ahead of you. Hit them with long range weapons. Use the grapple swing three times.

You may notice that when you swing to one area, there is a door that cannot be open unless you have cold weapons. Don’t worry, you can come back to that later.

Once you get there, you will see a lot of metal shimmering yellow. Take out the grates, and the only ones necessary are the ones on the far right, on both levels. From there, morph ball and roll your way up to door. From there, you simply retrace your steps back down the Grand Court Path until you

Return to Gateway, again

You will soon arrive to the point where you see the solar collector in the middle, and that one large ramp to your right. Jump onto the ramp, then keep working your way up. Until you reach the one area with a hall in the middle. This will make sense once you get there, open the door at the end of the hallway and enter

Crash Site

You will meet up with there enemies at the end of the hall, but they are easy to take out. Grapple swing to the other side, and you’ll find a door that you can’t open and a small spot where the wall meets the floor. Morph ball and plant a bomb in front of it. The panel will blow off, then roll your way in.

G.F.S. Theseus

Once you have gone in as far as you can, a red ball of corporal energy will try and kill you. He’s tricky, and hard to find, because he likes to be above you. Take him out with a few charge shots. When the room is clear, turn on the analyzer, and you’ll find a door held in place with clamp locks. Take out the clamp locks with charge shots.

When the door opens, you have to grapple grab four things and keep them in place. I found that you have to do it quickly, and start on one side, then go quickly to the other. Otherwise, the things you grapple grabbed will go back into place.

The apparatus will then come up, and you will need to activate it as usual. You will then receive an update to your map. These will be places where you will need to get rid of some shields that prevent you from getting to your ultimate goal: the Leviathan.

You may notice that there are two doorways out of this room, and one will lead to a place that dead-ends with fuel gel falls. You can’t go that way yet, but you will! In the meantime, head back to your ship.

As you leave the room, you will see Rundas at the Crash site. Why won’t he talk to you? You will find out, but you won’t like it. You will then need to grapple grab your way across, just like you did before, but reverse.

You will find that once you get to Gateway, you can grapple-swing to the other side. Be careful of the Reptilicus, who like to get in your way. Now, when you reach the Gateway hall, you will see a yellow thing glowing in front of you. Use your grapple grab to create a stair-step to the next level.

When you cross the bridge, these Alpha Hopper insects show up to bar the way. Your best bet is to take them out with a little Hypermode and rapid fire Phazon action. Eventually, you will be allowed to cross the bridge once more.

Go back to your ship, and set a course for the Fiery Airdock. Go through the first door that you see.


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