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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 12: The Fourth Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Imperial Hall

You will see these wheels blocking your way. Charge blast the part where the fuel gel is spouting out. The wheel will roll away. Space jump across to the next one, and repeat. Turn right to the door.

Gel Refinery Site

As you enter this room, there will be more of those Reptilicus. Shoot them down, and run and go to your left. You will see two spouts of flaming liquid pointing down. Charge shot each of them, and the mechanism will flip over. Space jump to the top of the ramp, then jump to the next one by the door.

Main Lift

When you open the door, turn to the right. Use the grapple to rip off the grate, then analyze it. Morph ball out of the room where the hole is.

Soon you will reach a room where there are those crawly things once again. Use them to stick to you so you can stick to the wall. Go up one level only, but if you want to, you can go up to the second level. You will have to avoid a monster, but this will lead you to a tunnel with a missile expansion.

As for the level you need to go on, you must go into the next room. Don’t worry about the statue covered in ice, as we will get to that soon.

You must concern yourself with a thing you can grapple grab, and once you do it, an elevator will take you down a level. You will see a door that is vulnerable to missile fire. So take it out with a missile.

Corrupted Pool

Enter in and take out the Crawltanks in that room. Soon you will come to a place where you must enter Hypermode and blast all the purple things in sight. Something will go wrong with your suit, and you will need to hit “B” (or A depending on your shooting/jumping options) repeatedly to discharge your Phazon. You will then discover the wonders of Phazon overload. If this happens again, you will need to continually shoot in order to bring down your Phazon energy levels.

You will have blasted away a lot of area, so grapple swing to the next side. That, or fall in the pool and get some free energy. After all, you have to expel one energy level in order to enter Hypermode. Once you get to the other side, find the next door out.


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