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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 13: The Fifth Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Gel Processing Site

When you enter this room, you will notice someone looking down at you. That would be the Bounty Hunter Radmus. As you enter the room, further, these evil teleporting dog things will show up and attack. They are tricky to hit, so I would recommend going into Hypermode and killing them all.

Once they are all defeated, go to the end of the room, where you will see a two headed statue with stuff coming out its mouth. Analyze it, and it will say that it is a control unit charge shots may ignite the gas. Use your charge shots and ignite it, then turn to a ball in front of it. Drop a bomb, and you will be in it, then drop another one.

A platform will rise before you. These purple dragonfly things will also appear and try and kill you, so kill them. Jump on the platform, and use your grabble grab to lower a bridge to your right. On your left, there will be another thing to grabble grab, and a tube tunnel will extend. Walk on the tube tunnel and turn right, and jump to the nearest ramp.

Walk into a small room, and interface with a control by moving your Wiimote out and in a few times. Some fuel gell will start to flow in two places. Charge shot the places where they are flowing, and the machine will sink. You will see a hole where you can morph ball and roll into.

You will eventually roll into a place where there is another control unit like the one on the first floor of this room. Do what you did before, igniting the gel on the side, then activate it. A platform will then rise higher.

Roll back to the area you were before, then go on the ramp and space jump onto the higher platform. Some meaner baddies will appear, at this time, but they can be grapple grabbed to defeat them. You may have to analyze them in order for the grapple-grab option to appear.

Once you are safely on the higher platform, you will see a shimmering yellow thing. Grapple grab it, and you’ll see it spewing gel. Charge shot the spot, and you’ll find another spewing gel. Chrage shot that, and watch a big explosion.

You will see an opening on the other side of you at is about at your level. Space jump to that side, then morph ball and roll into the tube opening. Follow it until you reach a point where these purple creatures are roaming. Take the purple creatures out by planting a bomb, then another. It takes two concussion grenades before they are permanently dead. Keep going up until you way gets blocked. Plant a bomb there, and a piece will come down. Go around and down and worked your way through the rest of the tube.

There will be another control panel so activate it in the usual way. The platform in the center of the room will rise again. Take out any baddies in your way. Space jump on it, and look for a green ledge. You will need to space jump to it. Don’t worry if you miss, there is a ledge under it that will catch you. When you get it, open the door on top.

Gel Hall

This next room has a fish statue spewing up fuel gel constantly. First destroy the red ball guys in this room. Ignite the fish statue spewing with a charge shot, but at the proper time. You have to wait before the fish’s eyes are turned toward a pump that hangs there. Igniting the fuel fell will cause hot steam to come from the fish, and sever the pump/vine, and a platform will fall into the fuel gell, creating a makeshift bridge. Use it to cross over directly to the other side, aiming for the best area to jump. Pick up the missile expansion, then go out the other door.

Save Station A

Not much to be said for this place, except it is the place to save your game. Better do that and head out the door on the other side.

Cavern Entry

This room has some Crawltanks in it, but they are easily incapacitated by Charge-shots. But you know this already, just keep going.

Gel Cavern

The next room has some pesky lavafalls that you have to jump through. Unfortunately, the falls come in pairs, and one false step could send you into the lava below. The trick is waiting until both lava falls stop flowing, then jumping through when it is clear. There are some Crawltanks that will try and stop you, so it might be better to wait until you have a clear shot from the other side of the gel pits before you fire.

You have to hop across the three lava pits before you get to the next door. You may notice one gel fall that is ever flowing, and blocking what is behind it. Don’t worry about this now, just concentrate on leaving the room.

Temple Access

This next is pretty simple. It is just one long tube with some flaming bad guys. When you hit them the first time, they bounce toward you. Make sure they don’t get close to you a second time. Keep following the tunnel out.


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