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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 14: The Sixth Part of Bryyo and Defeating Rundus

Updated on November 24, 2007

Temple of Bryyo

As for this next area, you will notice that you will have to take out some ships as they come nearby, if you do not, they will fly away. Remember the ships are vulnerable in the front, so a few charged shots will destroy them.

The same thing goes for the troopers they send after you. They have a hard armor that many shots will soon crack, but it takes a while. From there, they will be vulnerable enough to kill.

Then Rundus shows up, and he is evil! He is also very tricky. If you analyze him, you will see that he has ice armor that can be knocked off. Unfortunately, you can’t just grapple grab him. You have to shoot him repeatedly, and then he will go “Owww”. He is weak at that point, so go up as close as you can and grapple grab him. I found it takes a lot of struggle before the armor comes off, but it does. Then fire at will.

I found that using Hypermode and Phazon shots are effective, but there is a probably with that. Using Hypermode will take away one energy pod, so you might not have enough life energy to defeat him. You might want to save it until you have his health bar down to almost nothing.

I also found that missiles were not so effective, as he seems to have the ability to turn them into large icicles. He will try and freeze you so use jump plus a little sideways of the remote to dodge him.

Unfortunately, he won’t stay unarmed forever. He will make new ice armor, and then go on an ice slide for a while before attack again. Eventually, Rundus will go “Owww” again, and you can grapple grab his armor. Keep doing this until his energy gets lower and lower.

He likes to jump on a pillar and throw ice rocks at you. When he does, keep shooting him. Normal firing will be just fine, as the rocks get close, shoot at them, and they will crumble, turning into energy that you can grab to increase your life.

His armor will keep rebuilding itself, so you have to keep tearing it down and shoot him up again.

In between this time, Rundus will remove his hurl a lot of ice-balls at you. Shoot them, and they will turn to energy, but try and keep an eye on Rundas. He really slips out of view very easily.

Now, at some point, Rundus will change his tactics and will start making giant ice swords. These cause major damage. What you want to do is charge shoot him with a well-placed Charge-shot as he’s making them. There is a point at his hands you need to hit, and he will be vulnerable again. Quickly go up to him and grapple grab his armor again, then fire at will.

As Rundas is on his last bits of energy, he shifts tactics again. His body begins to glow with a purple energy, and instead of the large ice swords, he creates powerful ice swords! As soon as he does this, switch to Hypermode. I found it only took a few hits before he was out.

After this, you will gain a new weapon: Ice missiles. There will be lots of energy and missiles to grab, so do it before you go to the floating hologram. This will lead to an elevator down. Take it, and go through the door.


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