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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 15: The Seventh Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Temple Resevoir

Open the door and you’ll see some fuel gel. Here is where the ice missiles come in handy. Shoot the fuel gel to create some stepping stones, and walk across it, turning left and space jumping to the next door. Remember that your stepping stones will not last forever, so make it fast.

This is one of those really tricky areas, and I found there were certain times when I would shoot the gel, and nothing would happen. If that occurs, try shooting a little ways in front of that area, then space jumping to that area.

Also, this weird being lives in the gel. It can be shot and killed. Just charge shot, hold button down, and release when it jumps. You should be able to get it in one shot. Exit out the other side.

Temple Hall

There is one small baddie on the wall, but he’s easily dispatched. Go over to the control and use some Wiimote pumping action to activate the next area. Fuel gel will flow out from nearby tubes.

What you need to do is hit the first stream, and space jump on it. Then hit the next stream with ice missile, jump over, and so on until you make it to the other side. Like the stepping stones you made in the Temple Resevoir, the frozen fuel gel will unthaw quickly, so move fast.

Now, enter this room, and you should analyze the control panel in front of you. Then activate the hand scanner, and a hologram will appear. Walk over to a large window, and you’ll see the shield generator. You will then get a transmission saying that you need a bigger weapon to destroy it. In other words, you went all that way for nothing. However, you can get the weapon.

Turn around and go back. You will learn via transmission that there is a facility that you must go to. From here, work you way out of the dungeon. There are some new baddies along the way, but nothing too bad.

Go back the way you came through the Temple hall, freezing the falls once again and hoping across to the other side. Cross the Temple Resevoir using the ice missile stepping stones, then up the Lift to the Temple of Bryyo. There will be some Crawltanks there, so take them out. Go to the Temple access and take out those bouncing fireball creatures.

The change you will make will be at the Gel Caverns. Remember that one fall that blocked something? Go into this room, and jump across the two gel pits, and you will see it. Aim an ice missile on the top of that fall and fire.

A new way will be made, so space jump over. I believe that at this point in the game there is instructions to do something new. Morph ball into the new entrance, and this will serve as a shortcut to the Imperial Hall. Jump over the Gel Pools and you are only one door away from getting to your ship.


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