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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 16: The Eighth Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Set a course to the Cliffside Airdock. From there, you can make a slight detour from what would normally be your objective. First, make your way to Gateway, then go to the Grand Court Path, then to the Grand Court. There will be some Reptilicus there, and you should take them out. Then you should grapple swing, but don’t cross to the other side. There will be a ledge on your left. Go ahead and swing over to that area, then use an ice missile to unblock the door.

Reliquary III

There isn’t much in this room except a missile expansion pack, so grab it and leave. There are those spiked monsters that can be taken out with a missile.

Work your way back to the Gateway, this time going toward the direction of Crash Site. You’ll need to go back into the GFS Theseus, and take the other doorway out.

Falls of Fire

You will then do what you did before in the Temple Hall. Shoot the gel fall with an ice missile, leap across, then freeze the next one. Keep doing this until you get to the other side.

Analyze the giant robot thing, and you’ll discover that a concussive blast will activate it. Morph ball in front of it, then drop a bomb and jump up to it. Activate another bomb, and the golem will take you into another room.

You will notice when you analyze the door that the metal is vulnerable to extreme cold. Use an ice missile on it and enter in.

Hidden Court

You will see warp hounds here, and you should note that they are vulnerable to cold. Use ice missiles, as most weapons are pretty slow.

Do you see the pipes connect to the big robot? You have to shoot them off one by one with some charge blasts at the first place where the fuel gel is leaking. Go into the hole right in front of the robot and Morph Ball into it. Set off a bomb, and the robot’s leg will remove a panel from the wall. Charge-shot the place that the robot exposed.

There is another place where fuel gel flows. Charge shot that flowing area, and it will sever another pump.

Go to the one place on the wall that, if you analyze, says its pure brimstone. Brinstone is vulnerable to missile fire, so missile it. Jump into the hole it creates, then charge blast that area that is now exposed.

As for the last pipe, find the other fuel gel fall (it will have a lake of fuel gel at the bottom) and stop it with an ice missiles. There is a hole nearby that you can morph ball in to. You are now in a tube place, so rocket yourself upward, across the frozen falls until you reach a place where you cannot roll anymore. This will be where the root of the pipe is, so lay a bomb there.

Now that the pipes are gone, get out of there and get in the hole in front of the golem. Activate and explosive charge and the golem will move out of the way, exposing a hole in the bottom of the pedestal he stood on. Roll in and enter in the doorway.

At this point in the game, it says that the Phazon will get you in trouble. I’m not certain if this is standard for this point in the game. However, it is a warning that Phazon is corruptible.


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