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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 17: The Ninth Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Ruined Shrine

The next room must be analyzed. You will see a hive on your left, and a crystal on your right. The crystal can be destroyed with a charge blast, and a bridge will be created, as well as a grapple swing target.

Destroy the hive with a charge blast, along with any other hives you might encounter. From there, work your way up. When you are atop the where you entered in, you should analyze the area. Anything that is vulnerable to weapons fire, blast it with charge blasts. There are these yellow crystals, for example. The crystals will ignite the ropes, which will burn down and cause the structure will topple. You can then grapple swing to the other side. Keep working your way up, and you will need to blast through a pile of rubble before you get to the next door.

Federation Outpost

This room has a hand scanner, but if you try and use it, some teleporting monsters will come after you. Use the ice missiles on them. Those Reptilicus will also come after you. I found the ice missiles would freeze them, and a charge blast would shatter them. You will probably take some damage in the fight, but it is easily winnable.

A control panel will be revealed, and if you hit that, it will bring a platform up. Work your way up by starting at the elevator, then jumping to the nearby area. You may notice that there looks like a ball tunnel in those vents, and you are right. Go in front of the vent, then light a bomb. When you are in mid-air, light another bomb. The grating will be gone, and you will be sucked in when you light another bomb.

You will be taken into a control room, and you can grab an energy cell. This will reveal a new room. Get out of there in a similar way that you came in.

Continue going up the platform, using a green ledge to flip up. A grapple target will be revealed, which will extend a ramp, keep working up until you come a place where you can morph ball into. Go into a room and find the controls. Follow the instructions, and the doors will open. Go down to the controls and lower the platform.

Using the command screen, call your ship to land here. Go back to the control panel and hit the flashing button. Your ship will now be updated with better weapons.


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