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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 18: The Tenth Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Get back to your ship and go back to the Fiery Airdock. Go into the Imperial Hall, then into the Gel Refinery Site. There will be two Pirate bad guys there firing a lot of Phazon at you. One thing you should watch out for is a Phazon overload in this room. Anytime someone attacks you with Phazon, do not keep getting hit. You will turn into an evil Samus. Take out these Phazon enemies with ice missiles, followed by a charge shot.

From there, you will need to go to the same places you’ve been before, such as the Main Lift, so go ahead and follow the map to the Temple of Bryyo, where you first met Radmus in battle. There will be villains on gliders shooting at you, but you should ignore them, seriously. What you need to do is go to these jammers. They have a red fluorescent half-dome, and they can be deactivated by grapple locking them. You have to grapple one, then quickly do the other, then go into command screen. Hit Z and give the signal to attack. The area will be clear now.

Watch out in the Temple Resevoir, because there are some new baddies that make crossing the gel hard. They will come around as you turn the corner, so my suggestion is, don’t. Fall back to solid ground and take them out there.

Once you get to the Temple Generator, take out the two bad guys and go to the big window. Go to the command screen, and use your ship to take out the generator.

Now you have to go back through the dungeon, but when you use the lift to get to the Temple of Bryyo, you will need to do something different. As soon as you get up there, use your command vision, and hit Z to begin an attack. Start bombing targets that are hostile.

Make your way back to the Gel Cavern and take the shortcut back to Imperial Hall. Then get to your ship, and set a course for the Thorn Jungle airdock. Once you land, head toward the nearest door out.

Overgrown Ruins

From the moment you enter in, you are surrounded. You might want to use Hypermode at this point. You will then approach a force field, so analyze it. It says that it gets its power from cables in the ceiling. Turn around, and you’ll find another area that needs analyzing, two large rocks that block off a lot of crystal.

Shoot one area, and a wall will explode. Enter in and claim an energy tank.

Charge blast the rock near the ceiling, and a passage will be revealed. Space jump up to the rock and you’ll find a tube entrance. Morph ball in, and you’ll find the power lever. Turn it off, and the shield will be down. Morph ball out of there and enter the door.


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