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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 19: The Eleventh Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Ancient Courtyard

Now you will go to a place, where a ship will be. It will blast off, and two baddies will be left behind. Shoot them. There is a jammer there that can be deactivated with the grapple grab. Once it is deactivated, go to command screen and order an attack on the impregnable door.

After that, monsters come out. I’m not certain how Hypermode works, but too much of it seems good and other times bad. You will enter Phazon overload after too long, but if you keep shooting the bad guys, it will take them out. The biggest bad guy, a berserker lord, can be overcome by shooting what he spits out back at you. When the coast is clear, take the doorway out.

Enlightened Hallway

Not much in this room but a few Crawltanks. Use some Charge shots on them and get to the next door.

Jousting Field

Keep going and you will open a door to face two flying bad guys. This time, you want to take both them out with either missiles or charged shots. Watch out, though. They have a way of crashing and doing damage.

After that, it is time to face the Korakk. He is an odd insect creature who you should analyze. You will note that it is vulnerable in the mouth and tongue and the belly. The first thing you need to do is take out the rider on top. He is vulnerable, and will fall off after a few hits.

The Korakk will then attack you directly by spitting his tongue at you. If he catches you, then you need to shake both Wiimote and numchuck to be free. His tongue is vulnerable, and he will glow a purple glow before he is ready to attack. Get in front of him as bait, and shoot the puple glow.

Eventually, he’ll be stunned, with little yellow explosions on his back. Morph ball and roll under him, planting little bombs directly beneath his belly. The bombs will go off, and he’ll be temporarily stunned, this time laying down all the way. On his back, there is a grapple grab, so grab it. The Korakk will then rear up on its hind legs, and he is a really easy target from there. Keep doing this until he’s dead.

Two pirate soldiers with shields will then come out at this point. Grapple grab their shields and take them out. Go down the way the soldiers came from, and enter the door.


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    • profile image

      KEN-e Lawrence  9 years ago

      I was able to take out the "Berserker Lord" with my ship - This was discovered by chance, since I could'nt figure out how to take his energy down, I thought maybe I would chk my green-screen for a 'Ship' icon and 'BAM' it worked actually. The ship nails the lord with some missels & saves you some time.. Thanks for your help // kenE