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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 2: The Second Part of GFS Olympus

Updated on November 24, 2007

Docking Bay 4

Go down the hall and turn left. You will see a screen that will prompt you to use the scanner visor for the first time. It is usually the default with the minus key, but it can be with the plus key if you want to change it on the “Options” Menu that I previously mentioned in the last section of this guide. Whatever button you decide to use, scan it and discover you need a security code.

You will need the code from a console directly behind you. Scan the console, and you’ll be asked to touch it using “A”. Your code will then appear. I’ve played the game twice, and I believe the code is the same: 13576.

Go back to the terminal behind you and enter in the code, then enter the next room.

Security Station

This next room is sort of a security area for the ship. You will see another guy in front of you. He’s Ghor, another bounty hunter. To enter in, just wait for him to be scanned, and go to the lever. Hit A, pull the Wiimote back, turn counterclockwise, push it in.

A door will open, so walk into the room. Wait for the scan, then walk up to the BioHazzard scanner. You will have to do a little turn of your Wiimote to get it to work, but it will. Once you are declared clean, open the doorway out using the lever with the same method you opened the last door.

On your way out, you will see a computer that you can analyze with the analyzer. You should scan it and you will earn some Extra points. These can be used later during the game.

In fact, make a good habit of scanning just about everything that you see.

Security Access

Walk down the hall, and you’ll need to get to the next level with A or B or whatever prompt you decided to use. Open the door behind the guard who has nothing interesting to say.

Command Lift A

Walk up to the pad with the handprint. This is called a Hand Scanner, and there are a lot of them in this game. They can always be activated by hitting A. Go ahead and activate it, then walk into the center of the elevator floor and ride it to the top. Go out the first door you see.

Flag Bridge Access and Flag Bridge

Walk down the hall of the Flag Bridge Access and take the first door to your right. Enter the door, and you will be on the Flag Bridge. Go into the command bridge, and take one of the walkways up. You will find a guard blocking a door on the left side. The guard will remind you that there is a recharge station on the other side of the walkway. Find the other door and walk into the hall.

Lift Access

This hall has some large boxes in it, along with a door that won’t be budged. Blast the big boxes using the Charge blast, the same one you used to clear the walkways. A new door will be revealed, along with some energy. Always be on the lookout for energy in this game that gives you precious life.

Walk in and go to the save station located at the glowing area in the floor. These will always be designated by an “S” on your maps. Once you have saved, walk out into the Lift Access hall, then back to the Flag Bridge. Walk up to the guard, and he will let you in.


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