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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 20: The Twelfth Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Field Access

In this room are many flying bad guys, so take them all out. To the right is a door that is vulnerable to cold, so take it out with an ice missile. Go in and find the Save Station B to save your game. Leave the room, going to the door on the other side of the hall.


The first thing you will see here is a wall panel with a red spot in the middle. Shoot that, and any other red target. The doors will open, so analyze the area within for bonus points. Go up there for a missile expansion pack.

You will soon come to a place where the second Leviathan generator is located. When you program your ship to shoot it down, two anti-aircraft guns defend it. Try and leave the room, and two bad soldiers will come forth from secret doors on either side. Take them out, and go through the doors that they left behind.

Generator Hall South

Face the statue and take the right path. You will see a walk way with some fuel gel cells. Blast the cells, and a green ledge will be revealed. Space jump up to the next level, take out the bad guys, and jump to the other side.

Walk around a corner and take out the laser blasters that bar your way from the door.

South Jungle Court

After walking down the hallway, you will need to take out a gun stuck to the celing. You will eventually find the first anti-aircraft cannon. There will be a lot of guards there, but what you need to do is go underneath the gun itself, and grapple onto the circular controller. When it goes down, you hear an alert, and a fuel gel pack on the side will reveal itself. Take out the fuel cell pack. Do this again and again, taking out guards until the gun self-destructs.

South Jungle Hall

Take the door that once was energy-shielded. There is not much to do here but march down the hall until you get to the next door.

Auxiliary Dynamo

The way is blocked by wires. Close by is a grapple grab, so grab it and a mechanism will go down. Go back to the door where you came in, and you’ll see a tube entrance, follow the tube and allow it to take you up, then down on another side. You can also just roll under the wires, but you will get a ship missile expansion pack if you take the ball tube.


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