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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 21: The Thirteenth Part of Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

North Jungle Hall

This next room has those shielded bad guys that come after you at least twice. Watch out for landmines that are put in your way as well. Just get to the other door, then the challenge really begins.

North Jungle Turret

This gun turret is kind of hard to get. In this one, you can’t just go underneath and grapple grab the bottom. What you need to do is go to the next level and shut off the clamps that hold it in. There are three of them, and your challenge is to go up, grapple grab them, and when all three are done, the fuel gel cells will be open and you can blast them.

The problem is the flying bad guys will close your clamps once you have opened them. What you have to do is unhook one, then use Hypermode to take out the bad guys really quickly. Then run to the next clamp lever over and defend the clamp lever you just opened. Use missiles to knock the enemy off guard before they do it to you. Once you have two unclamped, take out the enemies as swift as you can before they clamp either one again. Now, while the enemies are non-existant, unclamp the third one.

The fuel cells are exposed, so blast them all. The gun will then be taken out. A path that was once blocked by a shield will be made available. Take it and ride an elevator to the next door.

Generator Hall North

After taking out a bad guy, you will eventually reach a place where you will see a gulf. Analyaze the big metal sheet before you, and you’ll see it has protective clamps. There are fuel gel cells that are carried above this door via track. Shoot the fuel cells as they pass over, and a bridge will be formed.

Walk over to that area, and you will see a pump that needs to be primed. Do that, and take the ball tunnel down, getting a missile expansion pack along the way.

Take the doorway out, take out the bad guys in the room, and go to the window. Lovingly go to the command screen and command your ship to attack the now defenseless generator.

From there, make your way back to your ship, and head for the seed, now on your map, clear as day.


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