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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 22: The Fourteenth Part of Bryyo and Defeat of Leviathan Seed Mogenar

Updated on November 24, 2007

Go back to your ship, stopping by the save station along the way. Take out the bad guys, and when you get to your ship, set a course for the Bryyo Seed, a big green target on your map. From there, go up the stepping stones, and blast the big eye things in your way. It will take a few charged shots.

Then you will meet the big boss: Mogenar. You may notice that when you first meet Mogenar, he uses his extendable hands to grab some red orbs. He then stuffs that into himself. If you analyze him, that is the source of his power.

What you need to do is take out the orbs. There are three on the front of him, then one on the back. Start with the ones in front. Unfortunately, there these shields that retract over them which them hard to hit.

At this point, Mogenar has three basic attacks. He will stomp and send a vibration at you, this can be avoided by space jumping out of the way. He will also shoot his hand at you, which you can destroy with your gunfire. You should take the time to collect the energy that gives. By the way, many of the things I am about to describe involve Mogenar dropping some free energy, so take the time to get it.

The last attack he uses is a laser that comes from his head. When he does this attack, target an ice missile at his head. This will stun him for a while, and open fire on any one of those three red orbs. You will notice that they go from red to blazing white, and after many hits they go critical and explode. You will also notice that the orbs tend to change place, making it harder to hit.

Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret. After one of the orbs fails him, Mogenar will simply get a new one. He will reach out with his hands and snatch an orb from each of the sides of the room. You cannot let him get a hold of the orbs, or else he will recharge whatever damage that you have done. So you must blast the red orbs as they fly toward him. This can be difficult, because sometimes you are pretty far away from where you need to be shooting. What I do is locate the first orb and shoot at it, while moving toward the second orb. I then shoot it down, and he will be mad.

However, when an orb explodes on Mogenar, you will see a very bright area. You need to analyze him. You will see that the destruction of the orbs have revealed a phazon core, so you must overload it. What you need to do is go into Hyper mode and blast that critical area with lots of phazon blasts.

Mogenar immediately changes his attacks as he then tries to rush at you. If you take the time to analyze him, his feet are some sort of phazon and vulnerable to explosions. Turn into a morph ball and get close to his feet, dropping bombs in that area. You will have to take out each foot, and he’ll go back to what he was before, but a fiery area in the place of that one orb you just blasted.

This is the only way you can do him harm, unfortunately. You will then need to take out the other two orbs on the front of him, and blow off his phazon feet.

As for the orb on his back, that is a tricky one. Fortunately, Mogenar’s attacks get really desperate, he will often rush you, even when you aren’t even close. When his back is exposed to you, shoot it out. Eventually, the orb will be destroyed like the ones on his front, and then you have to go into Hypermode and hit him with Phazon. Shooting him in the back is the hardest part, but when you overload him, he will be defeated.

After that, you will see a Hyperball in front of you. Go and claim it. These little plants will sprout up all over you, but instead of shooting them, go into a Hyperball, and hit “A”. You will then do a lot of damage, and the little plants will be destroyed.

Then the seed entity will descend, but he is easy compared to what you just faced. Hit A a few times and your energy will be discharged into him. Once he’s dead. You’ll go back to your ship, and set a course for Elysia.


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