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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 23: The First Part of Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007

Main Docking Bay

When you arrive, take the only door in.

You will see these flying robots, and most are harmless. Analyze them just to be on the safe side. One type of robot that you will analyze has more information. You need to shoot it, and analyze it.

Main Docking Access

You will eventually reach an area where you will see a statue. Fortunately, there is a hole big enough for you to fit in. Morph ball and light a bomb under you to get in. Once in, go into Hypermode and hit A. All the weird things around that statue will be destroyed, and you will be cast out. The statue will retract into the floor, and you can go further.

You will come to a place where you must grapple swing. Before you start, charge shot two blue glass things on the other side. This will allow you to swing and actually get to the other side. Go through the door.

Zipline Station Alpha

As you leave this room, you come to a place where you take a ride. Grapple grab and find out. You should blast any object in your way on the track, though.

Arrival Station

The next room you go to has some pretty pitiful robots guarding. Take them out with one charge shot each and go down the hall, then down to another level, to take out more pitiful robots. You may notice a green ledge, but there’s nothing up there that you need now. Just take the doorway out.

In the next room, there are a lot of things to analyze. Don’t forget to shoot that one robot and analyze its files.

Hub Access

Not much here, so walk out the door.

Transit Hub

There is a hologram of a ball on the ledge. Morph ball and roll to where the ball hologram is. You will then be shot to another place.

Keep rolling into a nearby ball entrance. Don’t worry about that energy pod for now. You will get to a place that has something that requires five shots in order to activate. Don’t worry about that either.

Instead space jump to the next ledge. There is a grapple grab target here, so take another ride. Once again, blast anything in your way, especially these glowing ball things. Enter the door the moment you arrive.

Barracks Access

As you enter the next place, you will come to a place with moving laser beams. Morph ball and roll under them, jumping up to the ledge on the other side.

The next door after that will have a hand scanner that you must activate. Take the elevator down, and you’ll see a ball-tube. Follow it, using bombs to explode the plugs in the way. You will end at a hall with a door.

Try to leave, and a SteamLord will arise, along with four henchmen. Killing the henchmen will do nothing but cause the SteamLord to bring them back, so concentrate all efforts on defeating the SteamLord. Unfortunately, the SteamLord will vanish unless its minions are killed, so kill off the minions. You can concentrate on killing one, then when the SteamLord shows up to heal him, missile her.

Eventually with enough damage, the SteamLord will die, and the henchmen will die after that. Go ahead and grab the energy tank left behind.

Three steam pipes will be revealed. Grapple grab them and they will burst. When all three are take care of, the door will be ready to be used.


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    • profile image

      brijtyhoon 8 years ago

      it doesn't work the statue bit: tried it i went in to hypermode once in and press A which made another bomb it only juddered pls HELP!!!!! Brijtyphoon

    • profile image

      don  10 years ago

      When I set off a bomb in hypermode, I just get dumped out again. Still stuck at the beginning of Elysia