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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 24: The Second Part of Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007

Barracks Lift

In the next room, there is an elevator, but you have to activate it. There is another doorway out, but it just goes to an empty ledge. You won’t be able to get there just yet.

The Hand Scanner is close by. Get on the elevator and go to the next floor.

Zipline Station Bravo

Take another grapple grab ride. You will notice robots going by who will try and knock you off. What you need to do is hit them on the red spot a few times, and they will explode.

Aurora Lift

As you enter the door, you will find there is an elevator in this room as well. Before you ride, it goes into the corner, and you’ll see a blocked door. Take out the blockage with an ice missile, then save your game in the Save Station A. Leave the room and take the elevator down.

Aurora Unit Chamber

You will then see the Aurora Unit, which requires a kinetic lock to open. Fortunately, the computer will tell you this. You can’t open it now, so leave the room through the doorway out.

Maintenance Shaft AU

Blast the Sky Puffer before you hit them, but beware the explosion afterward. Space jump to the other side, and leave.

Spire Dock

In front of you will be a Kinetic Orb Cannon. Morph ball and take it to the other side. You will find Ghor’s body armor there. Go right from there, and you’ll see a grapple grab. Ride it to the other side, and open the door.


This next room has three different doors on the North, South, East West sides. I’m not certain what compass direction is what is this game, so I’ll make it simple. Go to the left and use the morph ball to go under a small hole in the collapsed rubble. Ignore the first door to your left, and find the door that is blocked (it will be on the opposite side of the room where you entered). Use an ice missile and unblock the door.

Skybridge Hera

Go out to the gate and use your grapple grab to destroy it. Face off with three robots, who can be destroyed with three charge shots each. Grapple grab the next gate. Space jump to the other side.

Four robots will come alive after that, and so will the SteamLord. The SteamLord will be invisible unless you kill one of its minions, so keep killing them until you can get the SteamLord to appear, and take it out with missiles. In other words, the same strategy as in the Barracks.

Grabble grab the gate, and cross over. Unfortunately, the bridge falls behind you, so there isn’t any turning back. That’s all right, because you need to keep going forward anyway. Take out the missile throwing bad guys with some charge shots, as they tend to get in the way.


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