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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 25: The Third Part of Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007

Maintenance Shaft GP

Not much in this room but some platforms that you must leap from one to the other, so do it and get out the door.

Construction Bay

Like the last room, you will need to leap from platform to platform. From there, it is space jumping to the other side. You will soon come to a place where you will need to grapple swing like tarzan, but you will be blocked.

Fortunately, an analysis reveals that there is a ledge nearby, and you need to charge shot the area to lower it. Space jump to the green ledge, then you’ll find a ball tunnel. Roll into the tunnel and stop at certain intervals. Set a bomb under you, then in the blue ball-catcher. The area that once blocked the grapple grab target swing will drop. Do this two more times, then go back down and swing across.

You will have to change your direction when you swing. By the way, I found that the first time, I was attack, and was never able to repel the bad guys before they took me out. Fortunately, I could start not far. In other words, you may have to fall before you get to the next area.

You will come to a place where you must morph ball through a tube. From there, you will get to a place where you have to go up and up again. You will then have to unmorph, and have to take out two bad guys. Use a nearby hand scanner to swivel a tube in the proper direction. Go into that tube and to the door on the other side. Take the doorway in.

Ballista Lift

There is not much in this room but a handscanner. Use it to activate the elevator, and take it down. There will be another door which will lead to another elevator. Take the elevator and it will take you down for another foe challenge: The Defensive Drone

Ballista Storage

Beating him involves shooting the three antennae things that protrude on the top of him. Hitting all of those will make him vulnerable, and he will be temporarily stunned. Walk up to him and grapple grab him, and his shell will split apart. He will then jump up and try to attack you, but he will be vulnerable. Use whatever weapons you can at him, but I highly recommend that you use missiles as it does more damage. You may use up energy really fast if you try Phazon, and he’s not very good at standing still.

He will eventually reform his head together after he attacks you with these slime ball things. Those can be shot at to protect yourself, but it is better to use some offense at him and hit him while he’s vulnerable. As for his other attacks, I wouldn’t worry too much about them. You can space jump up when he shocks the floor, and dodge the big cannon in front of him. However, you should have enough health to handle anything he throws at you.

After he gets down in his health, smoke will fill the room, making those three things on his head harder to hit. However, he is still vulnerable, so just keep hitting him using the strategy suggested above.

You will be rewarded with a Boost ball. You even have a chance to try it out. Morph ball roll to the ball hologram, and you will fall into a circular tube. Keep hitting B, and you’ll notice some energy buildup. Keep doing it until the tube turns until it can’t turn anymore. That is your ride up.


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