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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 27: The Fifth Part of Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007

Get back to the ship, prepare to face Ghor. Ghor can be defeated with three stages of attack.

The first stage, Ghor has a force field which protects him from pretty much any attack. However, if you analyze him, you’ll find that the power source is on his back. So, even though this is hard, you will have to somehow shoot him in the back. After a number of times, his back explodes, and his shield is down. There is a target at his forehead that resonances, and that is Ghor’s weak spot. Keep hitting him there as often as you can. Soon, he will reform his force field, and so you will have to take him down again.

You will probably lose a lot of energy during these attacks, so you should replenish whenever you see energy balls. A lot of them get discarded during this fight.

Eventually, his force field will be gone, but he’ll shift into a second attack mode. This time the weakness is located under his legs, where you’ll see a red/blue light. What you need to do is roll under him, and drop a few bombs. He will then be hit, and you can aim at his weak spot on his forehead again. When you see that blue/red light appear under him again, attack him again in the same manner until he shifts into the final phase.

After this, Ghor will then get dirty and go into the third stage of his attack, releasing a lot of Phazon. If you analyze him, it will say to give him Phazon back. Shift into Hypermode and take a lot of charged shots at him. It won’t take much to overload him.

Once he’s defeated, get your high-temperature ray. Test it out on a downed panel. Your ship is damaged, but there is a way to repair it. You need to go back the way you came to the place under the Aurora Unit. You should know that anything that is blocked by metal panels can be melted. For example, you can grab a missile upgrade at one point. At another point, there is a cannon underneath some metal that can be melted away. This can save you some time for the journey back.

You will need to Morph Ball and then go under and weld some things into place. You can do this by using A and quickly draw a line from one burnt-out circuit to the other. Do it quickly, though.

From there, you will need to go out toward where you once saw Ghor’s body armor at Spire Dock. You will be notified that your ship has been repaired. This time go to the left instead of right, at that area, and take the grapple grab ride there. Take a right down the hallway and through the door.

Security Station

The first door you will see needs some plasma to open it, and when you do, you will see a big shiny thing in front of you. You will then be warned that something you need will be on a world you previously visited. Uh-oh.

Leave the room, and there will be some ramps you need to jump to in order to go forward, and there is a ramping moving up and down at the end. There is a ball tube at the top, so take it to the other side. As you leave the ball tube, there will be a door on the level you are at, and one down. Take the on the lower level.

Docking Bay A

Here is an area where you can summon your ship. You have to do so by becoming a Morph ball and entering into the ball activator thing and using a concussive blast. Get out of the way and summon our ship.


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