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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 28: The Sixth Part of Elysia and Back to Bryyo

Updated on November 24, 2007

Back to Cliffside Airdock

There are many places that you could not get to before since you didn’t have high temperature rays. For example, if you go to the Cliffside airdock, go to the Gateway. Take a right, and go to the doorway where the ball tube entrance is. Go to the right, and you’ll come to a place where we’ve been to before, but couldn’t get in because some ice was blocking the way. Blast the ice away with the Charge shot. (By the way, all ice is now blastable with Charge shots.)

Back to the Fiery Airdock

Take off and head to Bryyo, at the Fiery Airdock. There will be an energy spike that you will need to investigate. Follow the map to find it. The Gel Refinery Site, past the Imperial Hall will have several spaces where ice is there.

Melt the ice using the plasma cannon. Take the ball tube up, and make sure you plant a bomb where there is steam coming up from the floor. At one point, you will need to plant a bomb near blockage, and this blockage will become a tube. Near the end you will need to use a Boost Ball, but you will find ice blocking the door.

Refinery Access

Follow the hall, analyzing anything in your path.

You will soon be back at the Imperial Hall again. You will soon come to a ball tube, so make sure to take it. Use the grapple grab twice to knock down the walls until they become a bridge. Get on the bridge and space jump to your right. Grab the missile expansion and drop down to the Imperial Hall floor.

Go back into that Gel Refinery Site, and jump to the ramps until you reach the door. Take out the purple insects on the wall and morph ball down the tube. Using those sticky insects, roll up to the next level of ball tube and roll down.

You will find a room that has ice on one side. Blast it, and you will see an opening in a mouth. Morph ball into that mouth and enter the door.

In this next room, you’ll notice something in the ice on the ceiling. Charge blast that, and a giant thing will fall down from the ceiling. There is also a robo-golem there. You will need to morph ball into that and concussion bomb it, as you have done before. The Golem will ring a giant gong, and a ball launcher will appear. Get into it, and use the Boost Ball to spin the room around so the giant crack is exposed. Concussion the golem interior again, and he’ll crack the room open.

Warp Site Bravo

You will then find a new room. Feel free to clear away any snow with your high temperature weapon. There is a door here, so leave.

Imperial Caverns

There will be a green marble sheet on one side. The floor underneath it is vulnerable to a plasma blast, so shoot it and hop on down. You will have to shoot out another layer as well. There will be a door down there, so enter in.

Imperial Crypt

You will then find a room with another weak ice floor. Shoot that floor out, drop down, and open the door.

Hall of Remembrance

You will soon find a rather large room, and you will see after jumping on a series of ramps that you will learn the Screw Attack.

You may feel like you are trapped in the middle of nowhere, but if you screw attack, you can almost fly to the other side. Go to the side with the torches, and then go through the door. You will then bounce off until you come to the top. There is a door, and going through it you will see a giant statue hand. Aim a charge blast at the spot on his hand, and it will turn. You can jump up to claim a missile expansion.

Go back to the hand, Screw Jump to the other side, then use your grapple grab for the lever. You can now open the door, and screw jump the other side. Using the other wall, screw jump up more. Soon you will be out of the Crypt and to the Caverns.


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