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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 29: The Seventh Part of Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007

Make your way back to your ship, get in, and head toward Landing Site A in SkyTown, Elysia.

When you’ve landed, go through the door, take the elevator up, then enter the Security Room. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and open the door by hitting A and rotating the controls like a combination lock.

Keep shooting the puffballs and work your way toward a door that can only be opened with high temperature weaponry. It will be on your right. Enter in, and you’ll see one of those wall jump surfaces. Screw Jump your way up to the top and enter the door at the end of a hall.

Security Tube

You’ll soon get to a place blocked by Phazon Vines. Morph ball and get to an area where it will cage you in. Go into Hypermode, and hit A. This Hyperball will get rid of all the nasty vines and give you a clear Ball tube to roll through. Use it, and exit the room.

Sky Tram West

You will soon find a ledge where you need to use a kinetic energy generator, so go into a Boost Ball and take care of that. Then run into the hologram it makes.

Sky Tram East

The Tram will then take you to a new place. Enter in the nearest doors.

Concourse Access A

Walk down the hall. At one point, you will need to morph ball in order to get underneath. Exit out the door from the other side.


You will soon enter an area with a Theronian containment unit. You will have to face off with several baddies here. There is a hallway nearby around the generator that has a door that is weak. Blast it open, and take the elevator to the next floor. Walk to the generator, in the middle of the yellow glowing area, then turn. Take out a few of the traps on the ceiling. You can only hurt them if they hang down and try and blast them. After blasting a few doors, you’ll come to a exit.

Concourse Ventilation

Here you will see more of the Wall climb marble stuff. You will also see a tube ball stop. Get in it and use a concussion bomb. The floor will open up, and you’ll drop down. Use the second tube ball stop and another concussion bomb. The floor will open up again. Go down the hall and take a left.

You will see some open sky, and a ship may shoot at you. You’re better off just getting to the exit and leaving. Even if you destroy the ship, the rewards from it are just hanging where you can’t reach it.

Maintenance Shaft OB

Keep going around the ledge, and you’ll find another door. Walk into this room, and use the grapple swing. Be careful, and pivot before you release to get to the other side. Sometimes there is a bad guy there, so watch it. Exit out the door.


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