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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 3: The Third Part of GFS Olympus

Updated on November 24, 2007

Meeting Access and Ready Room

There isn’t much use to this next hall, only that it takes you to the briefing room where the real action is.

There you will get to the plot of the story which is about space pirates. You will also meet your fellow bounty hunters Ghor, Gandrayda, and Rundus, who will play an important part in the game later. You will hear something about a virus infecting the system of living computers in the Federation, and how you have to stop it.

Then all heck breaks loose. From here, you will simply need to head back to your ship, but you’ll be making a few detours. Walk out of the Ready Room, then down the Meeting Access to the Flag Bridge. Take the walkway back down and exit out.

Flag Bridge Access

Oddly enough, the entrance that you came in will be completely blocked. From there, you will meet two pirates for the first time. Take them out with your gun. It’s probably a lot more efficient to use charged shots. Go through the wall the pirates smashed and take the door to your right. This is going to take you down a path very different from when you came in.

Port Observation Deck

From there, go down a hallway and take a left, and you’ll see more pirates. You can use your Z-targetting from there and take them out. Don’t forget that health balls will be left behind. You can enter into the Pirate’s pod, and even analyze it with your scanner, but there isn’t much there. Exit out the nearest door from the pod.

Xenoresearch Lab and Lab Access

The next hallway has these tripod bug things called Crawltanks. Take them out and go out the next door to the Lab Access. Unfortunately, a ship will crash, blocking your way.

At this point, there will be an area that will be targeted above the door. Shoot the door, and the blast doors will close. I believe that if you do that, you will get a bonus for saving the soldiers life. I’m not sure, but try it.

Go back to the Xenoresearch Lab and three pirates invade a generator room and take its energy core. Doors to the lower level of the lab will suddenly open, and you must defeat the three pirates, who are a little tougher. It takes a few shots of charged energy just to get rid of their thick shells, and they are fast.

Once all are defeated, run over the energy pod that they will have dropped. Go over to the new pillar that has formed, and hit A once you are in front of the green opening. Don’t forget to blow up the boxes and get energy before that, which you will need for the next task.

Push in the tank using the Wii mote, then turn clockwise. Lots of these tripod bugs call crawlmines will enter the room. With them, will come the larger Crawltanks. Take out the crawltanks, and soon one will come up through a grate. After you take out these crawltanks, use the C to morph into a ball and roll toward that grate.

Once you fall into the hole that the grate covered, you are under the floor. There is only one way out, so roll into it.


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