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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 30: The Eighth Part of Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007

Chozo Observatory

Here you will find two flying bad guys that take a lot to get them. I used missiles myself. There’s a level down below with an elevator. It can be activated using A, then take a hallway down to the next level. Walk into the next room from the hall.

Observatory Lift and you’ll see a damaged panel. Weld it back in place like you did to fix the AU unit. An elevator will be fixed, so take it up and out the next door.


In this area, there will be a lot of open sky. By the way, these evil birds like to take you out. Dispatch them by shooting in the middle of them. Now, you will need a screw attack to go the distance to the other side, where there will be another door.

Broken Lift

There isn’t much in this room. So go out the other side.

Turbine Chamber

In this room, there is a fragile glass door that you need to blast. Enter in, and you’ll see a generator spinning. If you analyze it, you will see on each of its sides is a vulnerable spot you can blast. Charge blast them both, and the generator will crack down the middle to see a fragile door on the other side. Shoot out the fragile door, then screw attack or space jump to the other side. Drop down and take the door.

Maintenance Shaft TA

This next room will have a wide opening, so Screw attack to the other side and leave out the door. There is a mechanoid you might want to shoot and analyze, though.

Skybridge Anthene

After leaving, you will need to cross a narrow bridge. There are those pitiful robots that you must destroy, but it’s easy.

Landing Access

The next room you will need to shoot out two glass panes. Then you have to screw jump to the other side. Try not to do it too fast, or you’ll peter out before you reach the other side.

SkyTown Federation Landing Site

From here you will finally get to another landing platform. Go into the center of it, morph ball, concussion bomb, and remove the roof. Land your ship in the platform, then walk over to the control panel closeby. You will be updated with a grapple gun on your ship.

Your supervisors will then send you instructions on how to build a bomb. The first part is just backtrack your steps until you are in the Chozo Observatory. Go to it, and then use your command screen to pick up a section here with large grapple hook. Your ship will come and raise up the entire platform will rise, and a burned out panel will be revealed underneath. Fix the burned out panel using welding applications. From there, go back and go into the command screen. Your ship will lower the platform, and you can go to a ball tube control and concussion bomb.

From there, the platform in the middle will raise up exponentially, and you can leap to the top via screw jumps. At the top, there will be some bomb tubes. Three of them will download maps for you, so make sure you activate them. At the top, there is a doorway out, so take it.


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