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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 31: The Ninth Part of Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007


You’ll find a hallway that ends with a grapple target. Grapple it, and a stepping stone will be made. Before you go any further, you should know there is a save room close by, so you might want to save your game. You will then find another grapple grab, and a door that can be destroyed via ice missile.

Broken Lift

There isn’t really anything in this room, so get out.

Turbine Chamber

You will come to a room where there will be a Berserker Lord. The same rule applies as when you beat him early in the game. Just keep shooting the vulnerable red spots, and then he’ll fire Phazon at you. Shoot the Phazon back on him, and this is what hurts him.

The Berserker Lord has an attack that is not like his Phazon bomb attack. It’s like a red ball and it does a lot of damage. Just avoid it. You can use the large attach point in the middle of the room for cover.

I will warn you that it will seem that you won’t be hurting him, that it will take years before you do any damage. That is normal. It will take awhile before the plating on his head cracks open, so take your time. Soon his Phazon top will completely cave, and he’ll be very vulnerable. Hit him with everything you got then.

There are four ball holograms around you. Go to them, and activate Boost Ball until you you raise the little levers associated with it. Go to the nearby control and activate its combo lock. Then go to the command screen and order your ship to hit the grapple target. The first objective will be completed.

A ball tube entrance will be revealed. Follow it, and you’ll find a door.

Turbine Access

There is not much here, so follow the hallway until you get to the end of the hallway.

Piston Hall

There is a precipice and on the other side a revolving door. The only way to get across is do a screw attack jump timing it as it opens. What I do is wait for when it is closed, then jump. You will make it, and go to the door.

In this next area, you need to repair two panels. Once you do, an elevator will drop. If you take it, it will lead you to a Concourse, but you will need to take the door at the end of the hall, the one vulnerable to high temperature weaponry.

Maintenance Shaft CC

In this room, there is a green ledge. You need to jump to it, and you will morph ball. Be sure to go Hyper ball at the end, otherwise you won’t get to the next side safely. Exit the door from there.

Zipline Station Delta

This next area involves a lot of floating platforms. You will have to screw jump from one to the other. On one of them, you will be attacked by a pirate gunship, so take it out with some missiles. Be careful of the spinning railing, like the other obstacle in Piston Hall, wait until it blocks you before you jump to it. Get to the next door, and enter in.


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