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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 32: The Tenth Part of Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007

Transit Tube A

From here, the path forks. To your right, there will be a save station, and I would use it. Take the left side door and you’ll be in another room.

Research Pod Lift

The only exit you can currently use will be to the right. Enter in, and use the hand scanner to ride the elevator.

Xenoresearch Pod Lift

You will soon go to a room where an energy pod is behind a force field. You won’t be able to get to it yet, so take the next doorway out.

Xenoresearch Lab A

There are a lot of other energy fields there, and you’ll come to a place where the door is blocked. There is a spinner system nearby which is a place where you can morph ball and then Boost ball. One door will open as the other will shut. Take the open door. And keep going until you see a door that you must open.

Xenoresearch B Lift

Keep following the hall until you get to an elevator that is going up. Take the elevator up and go straight and turn right. There will be a ball tube there in between two monsters. As you roll along, you will hit an area that is weaker. Plant a concussion bomb there and you will fall into a room. At first it will seem there is nothing there, but there is a panel that can only be destroyed by concussive blast. Take out the panel, and roll down the tube to the other side.

Keep going until you get to a room that has a panel that can only be ripped off with force. Grapple grab and pull it off, then interact with the item. You will soon have an Energy Pod. Blast the glass off and claim the seeker missile.

From there, it is time to press and hold the missile button and you should be able to target that one door that needs five simultaneous strikes. Keep your distance from it, as it might not work if you are too close.

I suppose getting to the seeker missile area was easy, but the very hard part is getting out. Follow your map and retrace your steps. It is a little like a maze, so make certain you pay attention where you are going. There are these Phazon Metroid creatures that want to suck your face, for lack of a better word. If they get on you, turn into a ball and go into Hypermball, hitting A. That will get rid of them. You can also repeatedly blast them, sometimes charge shots work well. They are really annoying, these creatures.

You will have to use seeker missiles to open some doors along the way, and eventually you’ll get to a normal door, but will see a 5-point door to your right. Open the five-point door.

Research Pod Lift

Ride the elevator and enter the door.

Transit Tube B

You’ll then come to a room where a bad guy waits, but he’s easy to take out. Open the door on the other side.

Zipline Station Delta

You will have to deal with the purple brain creatures, then grapple grab the zipline cable. You’ll have to deal with the brain creatures again on the other side, but they are no problem.


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