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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 33: The Eleventh Part of Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007

Concourse Access B

Enter this room and you’ll see a door that can only be taken out by an ice missile.

Enter in and you might recognize this room as the Concourse. There is an elevator that can only be freed by hitting four cables simultaneously, so use the seeker missiles again.

There is also a tube ball nearby. Take it and get a missile expansion pack. Nearby is one of the locks on the generator, which can only be removed with a simultaneous hit in four areas. Knock it out while you are there.

Now, take the elevator down a floor. There are two more locks around the reactor nearby. They must be removed by firing simultaneously at four spots. The second and third are easy to take out.

From there, make your way back to the SkyTram East, and follow the map until you get to the big question mark which is the last part. It will mean back-tracking a little.

When you get to Zipline Station Bravo, you will find a cannon that will take four simultaneous shots to activate it. Use the seeker missiles to take care of that, and you will be a literal hop skip and jump to the third part. Use seeker missiles to take out its locking mechanism, and then call the command screen to left it up.

Your superiors will ask you to go to the Spire pod. It is close by. Where the cannon shot you, another one is there. All you need to do is melt away the metal surrounding it if you haven’t already done it already. You then then get there quick.

Once you reach the Spire Pod, use the command screen and drop the bomb there. Then go and talked to the AU, who you should have passed on the way to the Spire Pod. What is going to happen now is that you will return the Spire Pod, and it will be dropped onto the Leviathan Seed.

What you need to do is defend it as it falls. The key is not to take to much time. Now, the ones who can damage the Spire Pods are the big flying ships who zap it with a big laser. You have to take these ships out, and fast. When you see one flying nearby, go into Hypermode and zap it with lots of Phazon in the laser area. When you see two smoke trails of Phazon, that means it is about to go critical and explode.

Since you lose an energy pod every time you use Phazon, don’t waste it. There are other smaller flying ships that blast at you. Do your best to ignore them, and shoot them only in passing. It’s better to just take the damage, because your real goal is to take out the bigger ship who is really doing damage on the spire pod.

As you keep shooting this, a ship will come by and drop off some ground troops. Once again, take these out in passing. The purpose of these troops is to delay you from defending the Spire Pod. If there are four near you, I would say use a Hypermode on them. Taking them out with the plasma gun will be time consuming, and distract you from your final goal: taking out the bigger ships that can really do damage.

You have to take out about three or so of these big ships. When you do, you will be granted access to a control panel. Interact with it and use A and your finger to shut down all three sides. The escape pod will be activated. You will need to jump up to get there, and then activate the controls. Uh-oh, they aren’t working. Fortunately, a ball tube will open just outside of the escape pod. Take the tube and go down to a lower level.

There are three circuit panels that have to be repair here. One of them is obvious, so go to it and fix it like you’ve done before. Another is behind a door, which, when analyzed, revealed it can be ripped off. Use the grapple grab and take it off. Now, the last is behind a panel, which you might have to be in scanning mode to find. That panel can be grapple grabbed off. From there, take the ball tube back up. If there is anything blocking your way, use a concussion bomb. Roll out and get back in the escape pod, then activate it.

There is a nice explosion as you complete your objective. You will land in Sky City, and can depart from the escape pod. Head out the door and go down the elevator. You will soon come to a room you’ve seen before, take the other door out. Take the elevator down and you’ll soon come to the landing area. Summon your ship to land, and set a course for the Elysia Seed.


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