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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 34: The Twelfth Part of Elysia and Leviathan Seed

Updated on November 24, 2007

After you land, definitely go back into your ship and save your game. You will then want to jump from floating fungus to floating fungus and get to the gate. Enter in and you will see those giant crystal plants again, this time with a starfish like thing on it. Seeker missile target the five points on it, and the covering will be gone. Charge attack the blue central parts twice, and that will clear your path. Enter the last door and face the big boss.

Helios is one tough guy. Many of his attacks you can really only defend yourself. It is hard to get a good hit on this guy. First of all, he likes to use a ball and try and roll over you. The only defense is to get out of the way, and you can do this using Screw attacks for fast dodging.

Another of his attacks is one where several glowing spheres appear in front of him. Helios then goes from one to the other, and launches them at you. It takes a while before they launch, so be sure to take them out with a charge shot. You should be able to avoid being hit this way.

He will then go into a circle and you will see five targets that you can target your seeker missiles on. It is better to do this quickly, when the targets are facing you. You don’t want them to be in that circle. If you hit all four points at the same time, start shooting at him. Take out all five points simultaneously again, and he will drop, glowing purple.

When he is in this purple stage, Helios is at last vulnerable. Go into Hypermode and hit him with all the Phazon you can. Use charged shots as much as possible. This is the only way to do lasting damage on him.

Unfortunately, Helios will form his little shield once again, and it will be necessary to take him out in the same fashion as before.

Helios can also do other attacks. For example, there is this one where he kind of grows arms and legs. He has these vulnerable points at the joints, where it glows red. Unfortunately, it is only vulnerable when it really flares up, which is when you should charge shoot it. If you see a purple ball come at you, do your best to hit that. I’m not certain if it works like the Berserker Lord, though.

Helios can also become a tornado. If he does, morph ball and stay just one step ahead of him. Drop a concussion ball under neath him, and he will be hurt when he explodes. Keep hitting him until he becomes really angry, thus very vulnerable to Phazon.

Unfortunately, Phazon is the only thing that will hurt Helios, and it takes a while for him to get into that mode. Just doing the above techniques and he’ll go into that mode.

Unlike when you faced Monegar, Helios hardly ever drops energy and or missiles. Therefore, wait for the better shot when using seeker missiles attacks, use Hypermode only when it will work against him, and do your best to have as much energy as possible.


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