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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 35: The First Part of Pirate's Homeworld

Updated on November 24, 2007

Go to the Pirate’s Homeworld. You will land on Landing Site Bravo. Take the door in front of you. Space jump over the gulf and enter in.

Lift Hub Access

There are some seriously bad Crawltanks assaulting you here. Take them out, and quickly, or they will do lots of damage. Use Hypermode if you have to. It is worth it, believe me.

Lift Hub

You will reach one room where a plant hangs from the wall. This is a trap. Shoot it out, then go to the elevator. Push the button to the topmost floor, then you will hear your superiors finally give you a mission. To the left of the elevator leads down a hall to the next door.

Command Courtyard

You need to get to the gate, but will need something to get you by the acid rain. If you go to the right, you will see an opening. You will have to dodge some acid rain to get there. You will see a green ledge, so hop to it, then you’ll roll as a morph ball. You will eventually get to a place where the road goes in two areas. Take one, and you can get a missile expansion. Take the other one and you will then go up to the surface.

You’ll find and access panel, so use it to gain access. You will then acquire an energy pack. From there, a tube door will open, and when you descend, you’ll see another tube door is free. Roll down this one, removing a blockage with a concussion bomb.

Flux Control

When you get down there, follow the halls, taking out the Crawltanks as you go. Eventually, you will see a pit which you can jump down into. You will then get to a place where there are two ball tubes. The opening can be switched with a simple grapple-grab, so do it. Go through the tube. One way will get you a missile expansion, while the other leads to the next room.

Command Vault

Soon you will reach a place where you are in a room with a X-ray visor on top. The only way to get it out is with a simultaneous shot using seeker missiles. Take the X-ray visor and use it on that one corner. A new door will open, and if you analyze it, it says it’s completely invulnerable. However, there is some Phazon traveling above it via conveyor. Shoot it as it passes overhead, and the explosion of the Phazon will take out the lock on the door.

Roll down the ball tube and you’ll be in the next room.

Defense Access

There are several things to view in this room. The first is a panel that requires the X-ray viewer to use. X-ray it, and you will find that it activates a neaby elevator. Take the elevator and analyze what you see up there.

Go down the elevator and find the door that is heavily guarded. You might want to go into Hypermode to take them out. It helps. Exit the doorway.

Security Airlock

From there, you will hear the communication of a soldier who claims to know how to get past the acid rain. He will give you his coordinates.

Enter in and grab the missile upgrade. You will then need to open this gate by using the X-ray visor. When you do, you will see little spots appear on the gate, and it is your job to shoot them. When they are shot, get on the ball hologram as a morph ball and you’ll swing over to the other side.

Take the elevator down, and you’ll be in a room you’ve been in before. Use your X-ray visor on the one area. You will then have a holographic map of the next area open to you, so enter in to take it. You will see a new location on your map.


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