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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 36: The Second Part of Pirate's Homeworld

Updated on November 24, 2007

Get into your ship and get into it. Go to the new place on the map, a Research Center at Landing Site Alpha. Enter in through the one door you can. There is another door that is shield, but you’ll learn how to get in there.

Scrapvault Lift

There is a hand scanner here, and activate it then go up the elevator. From there, there is a ball tube entrance, but it is blocked. Blast it off with heavy weapons fire. You will need to go in and set a concussion bomb to blow yourself up, then go right. In this room, there is a switch on the wall you will need to blast. The door will open in the other room, so go back into the ball tube and into the new room.


This next room there is a lot of ramps, and you need to work your way up. At one point, there is a green ledge, and you will go down a ball tube.


From there, it will dead end at a ball activator, which you must activate. You will see a new passage open close to you. A new tube will open, so go off until you work your way up again. Go thorough more tubes, and you will see another ball activator. Activating that will unblock a passage, so go down to the entrance. (It will be the one you opened by activating the first ball tube.)

You will soon get to a room that has a circuit panel in need of repair. Fix it like always, then go to the control terminal and use your X-ray visor to enter the right code. A new door will open down below, so make your way back down. What you need to do is roll out of the ball room, then work your way back up. There will be a ball tube activator, with a tube coming from it. Go into this tube, then roll down the halfpipe. Use Boost Ball to pick up speed, and then go to the highest level on your right. Now, let yourself drop down the first place you see, and you’ll find a ball activator. Activate it, and go back to the half-pipe. You’ll find a door that you can jump into, so go ahead and do it.

You’ll be back in the scrapworks again, and some alarms will go off and bad men will show up. Take them out with Phazon, and follow the newly made stairs to the door up on top.

Processing Access

There is a hallway here with lasers. If you see alarms go off blast them. Hopefully, the pirates won’t show up and try and kill you, which has been known to happen.

Metroid Processing

The next room has three really bad guys, so get them all. Two of them have shields that require a grapple grab to remove. After they are gone, there is a control station that uses a combo lock. You need to use an X-ray vision look in order to open it, so use it. An elevator will be revealed, so take it down.

In this room, there are two things you can do. The first is go on the right side and fix a circuit board. This will do something upstairs. The second is go on the left and remove the energy tube. This will release the monsters in the room upstairs.

As you get on the elevator, get ready for a fight. Defeat the purple brain creatures, then morph ball into the elevator in the center of the room. It is where the big pumping machine is. From here, you can go through two doors. Take the one door that is vulnerable to high temp blasts.


In this room, you will see a wall jump, but it will be locked. However, there is a lock above it, so use the seeker missiles to target all four points simultaneously. A new wall ramp will come in, so Screw attack to the wall ramp furthest away, and you will find yourself at a new level. Take the hallway to the next door.


You will come to a place where you will see some machinery, but ignore it for now. Go out the next door.

Proving Grounds Lift

You will find some guy is being assaulted by pirates. Kill off the pirates, and he’ll tell you he can get past the acid rain. He needs your help activating the elevator, so when he walks to the levers, get on the side opposite him. Grab the lever, then Pull twist and push on his commands. Thanks to specific Wiimotes this can be awkward. Try to point your Wiimote at the sensor bar. Take the elevator up.


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