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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 37: The Third Part of Pirate's Homeworld and Defeating Gandrayda

Updated on November 24, 2007

Proving Grounds

It will then be revealed that the soldier is Gandrayda. From here, you have to face her. She is a tricky shapeshifter. As her natural form, she is very difficult to get a bead on, but it is possible. She simply won’t hold still. If she grabs you, shake her off by shaking Wiimote and Numchuk together.

Her attacks you have faced before, and can be overcome similarly. For example, when she becomes a Berzerker Lord, shoot her Phazon back on her. When she becomes a flying pirate, take her out with a few missiles. When she becomes Ghor’s robot suit, plant a concussion bomb underneath her. Sometimes she will become a flock of evil birds, so morph ball and go into Hypermode. Sometimes that will get a whole lot of energy.

At some point, Gadrayda will up the ante and open the roof, revealing acid rain. Stay out of its borders, or you will get hurt.

At one point, she’ll become Rundus. You will need to shoot him until he/she goes “Owww”, then use the grapple grab to remove the armor. You can then open fire. Remember that the ice balls will do some damage, but shooting them can give more energy.

At another point, Gandrayda will up the ante again and become you. This is where you simply resort to shooting. Gandrayda will get really tricky and at times become invisible. Turn on your X-ray visor then, and shoot at the only moving target. When she gets too close, your visor will go fuzzy, so go back to normal vision and she should be visible then.

I don’t know if I would use Phazon, because it’s hard to get a target on her, even with missiles. If you have the energy to spare, use it.

After she is done with, you will get the grapple grab voltage. There is a target by the shielded door that you can interface with. Hit Z, grab the console, then go down on the joystick. You will drain the energy, the shield will be gone, and you take the doorway out.

Transit Station 1-B

You will also get a message saying there are artifacts to get on Skytown what you need to do now is get yourself there, which is pretty easy.

In this room, there will be a console station with a hand scanner. Use it, and a train will appear. Walk into the train and operate the lever. You will soon be in another place.

Transit Station 1-A

Go to the door, and you’ll see another terminal to drain energy from. Use it, and the shield will drop. You will see your ship, so jump on it and get on board.


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