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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 38: The Fourth Part of Pirate's Homeworld and Return to Elysia

Updated on November 24, 2007

Take your ship and go to Elysia’s Skytown, to Landing Site A. If you expand on the map, you will see a blue area, which means it is unexplored. You’ll have to go from the Security Station, to Spire Dock, to a cannon that will take you to the Junction. Head to the left, and enter in.

Zipline Station Charlie

You will soon get to a gate which cannot be open due to low power. Use the grapple voltage and give it power, using the up arrow. Grapple grab, and you’ll go for a ride. Unfortunately, the track will be cut off midway, so screw attack and fly to the other side. Open the door and enter.

Powerworks Access

Open the door, and drain the energy from the control panel, and the shield will be lowered. Morph ball down there, and you’ll find another room. Enter the doorway.


This room has a mechanism that needs four simultaneous hits to work. Use the seeker missiles, and then a ball tube will be revealed.

At the end of this ball tube is a big machine. Here’s what you need to do. Get up on a nearby ledge and grapple grab the gear on the floor. When you pull it up, it will do some neat flips before it falls to the ground again. Hit it with a missile when it is up in the air, and it will go into a machine, and cause something new to be revealed.

From there, you go on several rides as a Spider ball. There is a pit in the room, that you must drop down into. From there, you will become a morph ball, and will go to an area where special magnetic tracks will help you. To cling to them, simply press and hold Z. At one point, there will be a place where you need to cross a gulf with some flame coming out of it. What you need to do is let go of Z, fall, then hit Z again to stick. Wait until the flame dies down before you do that.

Soon you will come to a place where you have to use the boost and Z. This will eventually lead you back to where you were. Now, in order to get across a wide gulf, you have to screw jump to the nearest platform, then use a long magnetic ball tube. There will be gaps in it, so you need to give yourself the right boosts to get past it. Some of these gaps have electricity flowing through them, so wait until it temporarily dies down and boost through it. When you get to a place to stand, you will need to screw jump to the other side.

Go into the Junction, then take an immediate left to Skybridge Hera. Cross over via kinetic energy cannon, and then stop when you get to the Construction Bay. On the immediate right is something that you have seen before. It is a ball tube that you have exited from, but you need to enter it. To do that, give the panel near it some energy. Go into the ball tube, now head to Ballista Storage, the place where you defeated the defensive droid.

There will be some robots here, but they are easy to destroy. Above the robots is a SteamLord who will at times appear invisible. Turn on your x-ray visor and it will be visible, so blast him to bits.

Now, there are two engines who need some overloading. Go up to them and add energy to them with grapple voltage. When the lock is down, grab the energy pod and leave the room.


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