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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 4: The Fourth Part of GFS Olympus

Updated on November 24, 2007

Ventilation Shaft

Soon you will be in front of a fan. Lay a bomb in front of it by hitting A. Keep rolling until you hit an Energy Tank. Lay a bomb there and roll into it. You will be fully restored with one more life than you had before.

From there, you have to hop up. You can either use a bomb to propel yourself up then joystick in the right direction, or you can move the Wiimote up. Your choice. Keep rolling until you hit the pinball tube that takes you to a slimy pit.

Disposal Chamber

Get out of morph ball mode and analyze the nearest panel. The security door lock will be released, but you must go back into morph ball toward it. Use a concusion bomb and blow yourself into the opening, then use another bomb to activate it. You will have to do this a lot in the game. In this case, the effect will be that you will be thrown out into space, but you’ll haul yourself back in.

Repair Bay A and Munitions Storage

Take the door out. You will then be in another room where three pirates will try and kill you. Take them out, then analyze the odd thing in front of the door. It says that an explosive force could destroy it. Unfortunately, you don’t have the weapon needed, but it is available.

There is a ramp nearby, take it and go to the other one. From here, do your first space jump by hitting B, then B again. Take out the three crawltank bugs that come at you, as well as any other pirates who shoot at you. Keep working your way up the ramps that go all the way around the room. When you get to the top, there will be a door. Open it up and enter into the Munitions Storage and get your missile upgrade. It will tell you how to launch missiles and what to do next.

Leave the Munitions Storage room, and jump down to where you were before. Use the down key and destroy the piece of catwalk with a missile. Use A on the Hand Scanner to open the door.

Repair Bay Shaft and Save Station B

When the door opens, there is another door on the other side of a chasm. Above the door are four red spots. Hit each red spot with your laser. A bridge will be extended, and the door will open.

From there, eight glowing eye things will advance at you. You will note the blue things around them. They are shields. Wait for the individual shields to come down, and then shoot them one at a time. Once you have destroyed all eight, you can advance. You might want to take out the pesky pirate shooting from above, though.

Run down the hall and the room you will enter will have a door to the left. Enter that door and you will find Save Station B. Get your energy replenished, as well as save the game.

Exit from there, and go to the nearest hand scanner to open the door and get to your ship.

Return to Docking Bay 5 with the Berserker Lord

At last you will get to your ship, just in time to meet the big boss. The first thing you want to do is analyze him. You will note that the phazite plating on his head can only be destroyed by the projectiles it fires. That is its weakness.

Keep your distance from him at all times and take note of the two red areas on his shoulders. Use missiles or Charge shots to take these areas out, and then he will attack using these purple globe things. Shoot the purple globes, and they will boomerang back to explode on him, causing serious injury. From there, his head will get very flared up and red, and so you should shoot that, using missiles if you still have them.

Keep shooting the head, and eventually he will be defeated. Go ahead an enter your ship, and set a course for Norion.


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