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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Part 40: The Sixth Part of Pirate's Homeworld

Updated on November 24, 2007

Metroid Creche

In this next room, there will be some odd things. On one you will see a ball hologram. Morph Ball into it then Boost until it rises. So it will spit you up, and you’ll be caught by something. Use a concussion bomb, and another ball hologram will be revealed. Go to that one, and repeat. This time, you will discover that a monster will be revealed.

This is the Metroid Hatcher, and he is very bad. Here’s how you take him out. He has four tentacles that hang down from his bad self. What you need to do is shoot them out, aiming for the glowing portion. They take about three direct hits each, and they are not easy targets.

When the Hatcher is legless, you must nail him in the head with an ice missile. This requires a direct shot into the mouth. If you make the hit, you will be able to grapple grab him. Do so, and prepare to put up a little bit of a struggle, but you will eventually rip off a tentacle. After you rip off one, there will only be three left.

Keep in mind that after you shoot off his tentacles, he might create more of those brain sucker creatures. If he does, take them out, and then go for him. If you kill those, they will give you energy and missiles, two things you might need to destroy him. Always keep trying to missile him in the mouth when he has no tentacles. You don’t want to shoot them all off and just have to start all over again.

When he is on his last tentacle, he is very hard to kill. Keep trying and waste a lot of missiles on his mouth. Once you grapple grab his last tentacle, he is dead.

From there a ball hologram will appear. Morph ball and get on it. Use the boost until it shoots you so far up, you come up in a ball tube. Go up until you reach the tube, then a ball tube activator. Concussion bomb that, and some panels will retract. You will then see a Wall Jump Surface, so take it and go to the next door.

Transit Station 3-A

You will eventually reach the top, and heading out the door will lead to another train. Take the train, and it will stop off at a hallway. There is a ball tube activator from there. Activate it, and you will be on the other side. You have been here before, and you will pass an elevator that you might want to take down and save before going further.

Keep going down that hallway and you will see an area with some acid rain. Now that you are protected, head to the door and you’ll be back in the Command Courtyard.

Unfortunately, it is guarded by three bad guys. Take them out, then go to the control panel on the door and drop the shields by draining the energy. Take the doorway in.

Courtyard Passageway

Don’t ask me why, but there is acid falls in here. Just keep going until you get to the other door, then enter in.

Skyway Access

The next place you go to isn’t much of an improvement, as there are bad guys guarding it too. Take them all out, and use the energy around you.

Now, a ball tube door will be revealed when one of the last Crawltanks enemies comes in. Take it, and you will find you will be in a room where you can drain a panel. Once that’s done use the x-ray visor on an access panel. Don’t worry about what to do next, you’ll come back.

For now, then take the magnetic rail up. You will find gaps in the rail, so set a concussion bomb and point the joystick in the right direction, while still holding Z and you’ll get to where you need to go. Eventually you will get to another door. Take it.

Transit Station 4-A

You will eventually come to another train, so take that as well.


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